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Khazar University Training Center is an educational center established within Khazar University, offering the following services:

 1.      Preparatory courses

-          For pupils in grades 6-11

-          For university admission 

-          Any subjects to all specialized groups 

-          Classes for individual students and groups 


 2.      Master’s degree preparation courses

-          Information

-          Logic

-          Foreign languages

-          Specialized subjects


3.      Foreign language courses

-          English

-          German

-          Russian

-          Japan

-          Arabic

-          Persian

-          Korean

-          French


4.      TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, GRI, SAT preparation courses


5.      Computer Courses

-            Office Programs

-            Design programs


Upon conclusion of computer and foreign languages courses, we provide all participants with  Khazar University certificates.


Also see the KU Training Center official website.