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27 December 2011

Presentation of the Results of a Trip Abroad

Coordinator Khalida Gasimova and instructor Aysel Azimova of the university’s Department of English Language and Literature were sent on an exchange program to Middle East Technical University (METU) based in Ankara from November 28 to December 3. The purpose of the program was to introduce them to the educational system in the School of Foreign Languages of METU. During the five-day visit, the instructors met with staff of the Departments of Modern Foreign Languages and Basic English and got acquainted with the work processes of the Academic Writing Center, Test Preparation Department, Teacher Training Department, and the self-improvement center for students. At the same time, they participated in lessons at all levels to observe the academic policies.

On December 27th, they gave a presentation devoted to the results of the visit in the conference hall of Khazar University with the participation of teachers from the Department of English Language and Literature. In the presentation, the participants were informed in detail about the English-language divisions of METU and their academic policy. The possibility of adapting and applying METU’s academic policy to the Department of English Language and Literature was discussed. Participating in the presentation, the founder of Khazar University and Chairman of the Board of Directors and Trustees, Professor Hamlet Isaxanli, noted the importance of establishing a coordinating council to make the relevant changes and gave his own recommendations about this.