Shakespeare Poetry Day

W.Shakespeare’s growing maturity in the sequence of early masterpieces was shown completely in his works. Shakespeare wrote tragedies when his mood was bad, comedies when he felt that he was pleased with his life. We’ve been learning his 37 plays and reciting 154 sonnets, yet we are not tired of these works.

The students of the 4th year at Khazar University have shown their skills and ability in studying W. Shakespeare. April 23 was one of the happiest days in their life. They could demonstrate their knowledge of Shakespeare works on the stage. Vice-Rector Dr. Isakhan Isakhanli, instructors Lala Hamidova, Zamira Gurbanova and their students were eager to watch and listen to the plays and sonnets performed by the students.

The head of the English language and literature department prof. Bahman Amani opened the ceremony and spoke about Shakespeare’s great talent. Experienced expert in English literature Naila Gasimova read the poem by Carl Sandburg dedicated to W. Shakespeare.

Then extract from the tragedy of “Hamlet” was performed by the students. Ahad, Elza, Jala, Emil, Saddam, Hasan did their best and it was a terrific show with the applause of the audience.

Then the students’ most favorite sonnets by Shakespeare were recited skillfully both in English and Azerbaijani.

At the end the participants and the audience, all together, recited an extract from “Othello” and sang their famous love song from “Romeo and Juliet”.

This is how we celebrated “Shakespeare’s poetry day” at Khazar University.

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