Why is Khazar University Sacred Hotbed of Education?!

I was in the 11th grade. One of my relative, with whom I am also on friendly terms, was a student of a university, which I would rather not to name. He used to say such thing as, just finish school and you will not be bothered learning lessons anymore. There is not much studying at the University, one can just relax all day long. I graduated from the school with these expectations and got admitted to Khazar University. As my relative advised me, I did not take lessons seriously, spending my time at the cafeteria. And when I lifted up my head, I was a 2nd year student with 8 fails out of 10 subjects. I realized that it is not such place, as my relative used to describe. Frankly speaking, I was rather glad ... Because I studied well at school and thought that I should not waste my efforts of 11 years in vain. I started studying hard and my student life was settled down.

I vividly remember that I was a 2nd year student at Khazar University. My father had just passed away. The University made a discount to the tuition fee, but I still was aware that my mother had difficulties in paying for the tuition. I started looking for a job. I was invited by a newspaper editorial office situated in Narimanov district. I went to meet with the Chief Editor. It was the dog days of summer. The Chief Editor said that the budget of the newspaper was very small. "We will not be able to pay your salary for a while, if possible, you should work pro bono... With the last 20 qepiks in my pocket, I desperately went away. I was terribly thirsty. When I was passing the shop nearby, I began to hesitate: Either spend 20 qepiks to buy some water and go on foot to our house in Ahmedli, or take the bus and travel home suffering from thirst? Why do I bring back this kind of gloomy memory? Because this was the last time I struggled with the lack of money.

That same year, Hamlet Isakhanli employed me at Khazar University. How it happened: That was times when Facebook social network was just getting started. Since I had an amateur computer knowledge, at one of the meetings, I made a suggestion to Professor Hamlet to create a social network of the University. He, being interested in innovations, assuredly, accepted my suggestion and gave instructions to provide me with all necessary technical and financial support. I was even assigned with a room. Later, Khazar University Radio was established, and after a while, the Radio grew and became an institution within the University: Electronic Media Center. I was appointed as an Executive Director of this Center. Simultaneously with my work at Khazar University, I had set up my own electronic business and my life changed: I bought a car, built a house and got married. My marriage is also related to Khazar University: My wife used to work as a teacher at this University.

I recall one circumstance: I am a 5th year student at Khazar University and I have 3-4 fails.
I am Khazar University staff member, and I feel Hamlet Isakhanli's sincere attitude towards myself. Encouraged by this fact, I decided that when I met with Professor Isakhanli to discuss work-related matters, I would ask him to help me to deal with my fails at the University. We had a meeting. As usually, we had a small talk before taking up the business conversation (he always does small talk with all his employees) and asked me when I would finish my study at the University? There could not have been better moment that this. So, I said dispiritedly that I had 3-4 fails. I was anxiously anticipating to hear that Professor Isakhanli would say "no worries, you're our employee, teachers will help you, and you're going to pass ..." He, however, having a strict look, made some serious remarks: "Indeed, you have to study...". Frankly speaking after this conversation, I was so embarrassed, because I had brought something like this to my mind.

Khazar University is a sacred hotbed of education. Why is it sacred? It is remote and alien to bribery, arrangements, filth, gossips and intrigues. Khazar University is very ruthless against bribery. Even if the most appreciated, the most popular and educated teacher would neglect this rule, the leadership will dismiss it without second thoughts. The bribe-giver as well as the bribe-taker are expelled from the University.

University employs a very democratic approach towards its students. There is no barrier, figuratively speaking, the Great Wall of China, between the students and the leadership, as in other places. Everyone is free to express himself. The rector and deans of the University are always in touch with students. Hamlet Isakhanli, the Chairman of the Board of Directors and Trustees, always greets all the students, when he meets them in the corridor, also exchanges greetings with the staff and listens to students. From the dean to the mere executors, everyone is used to Hamlet Isakhanli's sudden visit.

Professor Hamlet Isakhanli has been a guest at my office on the 5th-floor for many times. We talked about literature and education. A man who manages the educational hotbed of this size and who spends the half of a year in business trips, recognizes and keeps abreast of almost the majority of the representatives of new literary generations.

It is not surprising for such a person to establish this kind of transparent educational institution like Khazar University. Khazar University is a humanist school. Here, the students are instilled with not only science, but also modernity and worldliness. Khazar University Students are formed in a free environment and are able to be sincere. This is one of the biggest achievements of Khazar University.

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