“Khazar University Gave Me Opportunity to Spend Semester in Turkey” Danu Setiawan

“My passion since childhood was studying Industrial Engineering. However, after obtaining my bachelor’s degree in this field, I ended up working in a bank. I enjoyed the work I was doing so much that I decided to continue my studies at a master’s level to increase my professional skills in the banking field,” says Danu Setiawan from Indonesia, a second year MBA student at Khazar University who received a full tuition fee waiver.

“The biggest advantage of studying MBA at Khazar University is that most of the lecturers are professionals who come from industries: they are currently working in different sectors of banking. This enables us to receive first-hand knowledge from real industry professionals.”

“Khazar University is well connected to other universities and gives its students a chance to participate in exchange programs and spend a semester or two abroad. I participated in Mevlana Exchange Program and spent a semester in Turkey, in Chukurova University. While in Turkey, I travelled to more than 20 cities – this was an amazing experience of both studying and exploring Turkey.”

“I love travelling and would recommend Azerbaijan not only for studying but also as a touristic destination. I have been to several regions of Azerbaijan, but my favorite so far is Gazakh to which I went following the advice of my friend. I am very happy I listened to him – Gazakh is just beautiful with its green hills and stunning nature.” Read Danu’s full interview http://international.khazar.org/khazar-gave-me-an-opportunity-to-spend-one-semester-in-turkey-danu-setiawan/

Interview with Danu Setiawan was conducted within the project carried out by the International Affairs Office entitled “World and Khazar.” The project includes a series of interviews with members of international community of Khazar University.

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