Novruz Celebration at Khazar University

On March 19, 2019, a celebration on the occasion of Novruz was held at Khazar University. The event was attended by the University Administration, deans and department heads, employees and students.

After inflaming the tongal (bonfire), Irada Khalilova, the Acting Rector of the University congratulated the University staff and students on the occasion of the holiday and wished them success in their work, education, and also in their personal lives.

The students joyfully danced around the tongal. The festival was accompanied by a concert program prepared by the Department of Music and Fine Arts of the University. The soloist of the Academic Philharmonia named after Muslim Magomayev, and teacher of Khazar University, Mahsati Jabbarova, performed the singing. Holiday festivity was a great success and granted everyone a good festive mood.

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