“Chip Azerbaijan” journal publishes an article about Khazar University

chip.az website, which posts news on cutting-edge innovations in technology, social media, electronic commerce, digital marketing and start-up, has started publishing a journal “Chip Azerbaijan” since December 2018.

The first issue of the journal includes an article entitled "Khazar University" (p.32-33). The article, with photos, provides full information about Khazar University and remarks the fact that Khazar University is distinguished as a progressive higher education institution in Azerbaijan and has international prestige.

The main part of the article deals with the Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering of the University. Detailed information about the Department and its programs, researches and labs are given in the article. Moreover, the article emphasizes students' skills to develop devices boosting the development of technology and cites some concrete inventions of students.

Concluding remarks of the article give an overview on Khazar University and mentions: "Khazar University is gaining respect and influence both in Azerbaijan and outside of Azerbaijan, with its original education model, the modernity of the curriculum and the quality of its education." The electronic version of the journal is also expected to be developed in the future.

Film about Khazar University