Khazar University associates participate in Pomegranate Festival

On November 3 and 4, 2018, a traditional Goychay Pomegranate Festival was held. A grand pomegranate holiday was attended by state and government figures, Members of Parliament, representatives of ambassadors of foreign countries to Azerbaijan, international organizations and the diaspora, local and foreign businessmen as well as associates of Khazar University. The trip of Khazar University delegation was organized by the Center for Development. The delegation consisted of Raziya Isayeva, Director of the Center for Development; Lyudmila Sotova, Director of the Center for Quality Assurance; Qaisar Sultana, a guest lecturer at Khazar University within Fulbright program; Ronald Wayne Smith, an international expert; Natella Barkaya, Director of the Center for Multimedia and associates of the Center for Multimedia.

Wearing clothes belonging to Khazar University, the delegation promoted university by distributing promo materials to people attending the festival. About 20 associates of the Center for Multimedia took many photos of the festival.

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