The presentation of “The Same” team

On April 6, 2018, “The Same” team held a presentation in the “Marble” hall of Khazar University. During the presentation, team members answered the questions such as “Who are we?” and “What are we engaged in?”. In the first part of the presentation, Sinan Rzayev, a team member, greeted the participants. Then the team members delivered presentations on the following topics: Taliya Huseynzdeh “P2P Facebook Digital Challange”, Ruslan Osmanli “What is racism?”, Khayala Shikhaliyeva “History of racism”, and Etibar Saatov “Why did we choose this topic?”. In the second part, Mail Yagubov, PhD in Philosophy, shared his views on racism, its types and scientific approach to racism. The audience felt obliged to think over Dr. Bahadir Baysal’s suggestion “Close your eyes and put yourselves in their shoes.” At the end of the ceremony, the students performed “Unity” dance to express solidarity with all races.

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