Students of Khazar University in “Peer to Peer: Facebook Global Digital Challenge"

In Spring semester of 2017-2018 academic year Khazar University will participate in “Peer to Peer: Facebook Global Digital Challenge”, a global university youth initiative and an international competition. This will be the fourth time that the university takes part in this global challenge. Each participating team must design and carry out a digital marketing campaign targeting extremism that resonates with their community.

This semester Khazar University is represented by a team of students from the Department of Economics and Management called “The Same”. The team includes six students and a team coordinator: Bahadir Baysal (Coordinator of Economics and Management Department), Ruslan Osmanli (Management; BBA), Sinan Rzayev (Accounting and auditing; BBA), Khayala Shikhaliyeva (Accounting and auditing; BBA), Taliya Huseyinzada (Finance; BBA), Etibar Saatov (Finance; BBA), and Aslan Isaxanli (Management; BBA)

The goal of the team is to stop racism and promote respect to each other’s’ opinions without discrimination by religion, race, and nationality. Through its activities the team aims to show that regardless of race, nationality or religion, people are all the same. 

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