A meeting with Hamlet Isakhanli at “Dunya” school

There was a meeting with Prof. Hamlet Isakhanli, the founder of Khazar University and Chairman of its Board of Directors and Trustees, in “Injichicheyi” hall of “Dunya” school on February 23, 2018. The teachers and parents of the school, staff members of Khazar University, prominent public and art figures, government officials, representatives of foreign embassies to Azerbaijan, and other guests participated in the ceremony with program of literary composition.

Before the ceremony, guests had a look at exhibition, organized by Mir Rafig Abdulrahimov in the foyer of schools, which involved photos of scientific and literary books by Hamlet Isakhanli, foreign journals with articles by Hamlet Isakhanli, as well as photos of Hamlet Isakhanli’s activities in country and abroad.

The presenters of the ceremony were Arzu Omarova, Elshad Rzayev and Gulnar Aliyeva, the teachers of “Dunya” school. The ceremony started with a text-phonogram “Creation”.

The poems and lyrics of pieces of music included in the literary composition belongs to poet Hamlet Isakhanli.

Slides, video clips and fragments of “Injichicheyi” movie demonstrated history of foundation of Khazar University, “Dunya” school and Eurasian Academy, Hamlet Isakhanli’s life and career as well as Nailakanim Isakhanli’s career, advisor of the founder of Khazar University and Chairman of its Board of Directors and Trustees, who accompanied Hamlet Isakhanli throughout his career.

Afag Gambarova, a staff member of the school, recited the poem of “Mother”, Murad Allaverdi and Afag Gambarova jointly recited the poem of “Either of us”, Madina Karahan, a teacher of the school, recited the ghazal of “Flowery meadow”, and the presenters recited the poem of “The clouds left in my childhood”, the poem of “It is life”, the poem of “What I have brought to the world”, and the poem of “Visit”.

Honored artist Fargana Gasimova sang the poem of “Rubai” (composition by Fargana Gasimova and arrangement by Farahim Gulubayov) in mugham classification, Vadud Muazzinzadeh, who were specially invited to the ceremony from Iran, sang the poem of “It is easy to live” in mugham classification, People's Artist Gulyanaq Mammadova sang the song of “It is so nice” (composition by Honored Artist Naila Mirmammadli), Honored Artist Manana Chaparidze sang the song of “Wind and a girl” (composition by Nailakhanim Isakhanli), People's Artist Azar Zeynalov sang the song “Time spared for me” (composition by Tahir Akbarov). Moreover, a video clip of music-plot “If only”, performed by People's Artist Alim Gasimov (composition by Alim Gasimov, arrangement by Farahim Gulubayov), was also demonstrated.

Honored Artist Emin Aliyev and Sabina Ismayilova, dance instructors of the school, and dance ensemble of Khazar University performed dance at the ceremony.

Ayla Garayeva and Hakan Isakhanli, students of “Dunya” school, performed etude-composition at the composition.

Composer Sevda Ibrahimova, a teacher of “Dunya” school, and other artists accompanied all the performance on the stage.

People's Artist Alim Gasimov, Ramiz Rovshan, a poet, Rafig Aliyev, a corresponding member of ANAS and a president of “Zadeh Legacy and Artificial Intellegence” Association, People's Artist Ramiz Hasanoghlu, a film director, presented bunches of flowers to Hamlet Isakhanli, and expressed their sincere congratulations.

Misir Mardanov, Director of Institute of Mechanics and Mathematics of ANAS, Aygun Aliyeva, Deputy Head of Binagadi Executive Power, Vagif Abbasov, active member of ANAS and Director of the Institute of Petrochemical Processes named after Yusif Mammadaliyev, delivered speeches at the ceremony.

The speakers characterized Hamlet Isakhanli as a prominent education figure, a founder of “Dunya” school and a founder Khazar University, which is the first private university with a high international rating, a prominent mathematician famous in Azerbaijan and abroad, and a model intellectual and public figure.

Marufa Madatli, a school principal, was a project director of the ceremony, Afag Gambarova, a Coordinator on Public Relations and Media of the school, was a script writer of the ceremony, Murad Allahverdi, an artistic director of the school, was a director of the ceremony, and Mir Rafig Abdulrahimov was production designer of the ceremony.

The participants and guests highly appreciated the ceremony.

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