Khazar University at the EURIE-2018 Education Summit

An official opening ceremony of the EURIE-2018 Education Summit was held at the Lutfi Kirdar Congress Center in Istanbul, Turkey, on February 14, 2018. Approximately 400 universities, institutes, educational institutions and other organizations from 80 countries participated at the summit. Government officials of Turkey and other foreign countries also participated at the opening ceremony.

Universities and other educational institutions took part in Education Exhibition after the opening ceremony of the summit. Official guests visited exhibition hall of Khazar University. Like previous years, the exhibition hall of Khazar University was distinguishable from the others. In the exhibition hall of Khazar University, there were special banners with information on Bachelor, Master and Ph.D. degrees, flags of Azerbaijan and Khazar University, desk brochures, pamphlets, pens, bags and other items. Alovsat Amirbayli, Director of Public Relations and Media of the University, held a briefing on behalf of the University.

The exhibition hall of Khazar University was highly appreciated by the visiting guests. Idris Yusif, Minister of Science and Higher Education of Malaysia visited Khazar University and got closely familiar with it. A.Amirbayli invited the minister to Baku, Khazar University. Idris Yusif expressed his deep gratitude for the invitation. Dr. Mustafa Aydın, the President of EURAS, visited the hall of Khazar University on the third day of the summit, praised the university hall and thanked university administration. M.Aydin mentioned that he highly appreciated the calendars, which had especially been designed for the summit, and stressed that it is desirable that other members of EURAS follow this practice. On the same day, A.Amirbayli participated at the meeting of Board of Directors of EURAS on behalf of Prof. Hamlet Isakhanli, the Founder of Khazar University and the Chairman of its Board of Directors and Trustees. The Organising Committee of EURIE-2018 expressed a special gratitude to Prof.Hamlet Isakhanli, the Founder of Khazar University and the Chairman of its Board of Directors and Trustees.

Staff members of universities from England, Italy, USA, Russian, Turkey, Ukraine and other countries visited the hall of Khazar University. Guests were provided with full information on the University and the university presents were given to them.

On the last day of the Summit, memory photos were taken.

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