Forum Theatre organized by “The Chain” Team of Khazar University

On December 1, 2017, “The Chain” Team of Khazar University started implementing the final component of their campaign within the project “P2P: Facebook Global Digital Challenge”. The team organized Forum Theatre workshops for two days at Build Your Future office to prepare the selected participants for the final theatre performance.

During workshops, the participants learned about the theatre type developed by Augusto Boal as part of his “Theatre of the Oppressed”, practiced some techniques to help them improve their acting skills, and were familiarized with hate speech and extremism and ways to fight them.

On December 3, 2017, the team carried out the final theatre performance at Caspian Platform to showcase what participants gained from two-days workshops. In this type of theatre, the actors leave the scene after performing and the audience becomes part of their acting. The spectators analyze what they have seen and once the actors are back on the stage, the audience can make additions, changes to the script and transform it completely.

During the final event, “The Chain Dance” was also performed before the audience. The choreography has been created for the project by one of the local dance centers. The dance illustrated the fight of dark and light and called everyone to change people around us and chain together for a better world.

Participation of Khazar University in “Peer to Peer: Facebook Global Digital Challenge” is coordinated by the International Affairs Office.

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