NIZAMI workshop on Internationalization Khazar University

Khazar University staff members participated in the workshop conducted within ERASMUS + NIZAMI project implemented by University of Montpellier as a structural project in the Republic of Azerbaijan. The workshop was devoted to the Internationalization WP of the project, the main aim of which is to increase the international visibility of the Higher Education Institutions in Azerbaijan. Dr. Irada Khalilova, a team member of NIZAMI project, has started the workshop with the small introduction of the project, its history, goals and objectives and achievements. She made a presentation on the accomplishments of NIZAMI project. Professor Hamlet Isaxanli, another team member of the project, talked about achievements of the project and made comments to the priorities developed during Uppsala meeting.

Raziya Isayeva, team member of the project, started the second part of the workshop by introducing its rules and conditions. The workshop was held by using the learning café method and all participants had a chance to see each other’s contributions. Seven different groups were organized per the 7 priority areas. Each team made a presentation on the results. The two-hour workshop generated good results, some teams presented new ideas, indicators and the measurements. Notes were taken and the report will be developed by the Development Office and sent to the project coordinator.