Inter-university "Spaghetti Bridge Competition" Held at Khazar.

On December 26th, 2016, a traditional inter-university "Spaghetti Bridge Competition” was held at Khazar University with the coordination of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.  Students from Khazar University, Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS), and Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry Academy (ASOIA) participated in the competition. The “Koroghlu” team from Khazar University won first place.

President Hassan Niknafs made an opening speech in which he emphasized the importance of the competition and wished the participants success. Then the competition started under the supervision of Ali Atefi, instructor for Khazar University’s Department of Civil Engineering. Khazar University’s Koroghlu team won the intensive and exciting competition.

This competition was meant to challenge students' knowledge in Engineering Mechanics and Strength of Materials to build a bridge from macaroni and spaghetti.

The students made a decorative holiday tree from spaghetti as well. An article about this news is available at the following link: