Spring 2018

World Education Systems     

İnsanın İnkişaf Mərhələləri


German Language 

Electrical Measurements


Quantum Mechanics



Earth Studies


Earth and Space (B) 

Earth and Space (A)


Caspian Studies

World Economical Geography

Life Science

Introduction to Food Safety


Computer Application in Education

Computer in Education 

Database Structure

Internet Prograning

Math Analysis-1

Math Analysis-2

Ordinary Differential Equations

Azerbaijani History (A)

Azerbaijani History (C)


History of World Civilizations-2

Azerbaijani Literature

Culture of Turkic People

Modern Azerbaijani Language-2(A) 

Modern Azerbaijani Language-2(C)

Modern Azerbaijani Language-2(B)

Introduction to Education (A) 

İntroduction to Education (B)

Educational Psychology

Historical and Philosophical Foundations of Education

English Foundation 1(A)

English Foundation 1(B)

English Foundation 2(A)

English Foundation 2(B)

English Foundation 2(C)

English Foundation 2(E)

English Foundation 2(D)

English Foundation 2(F)

Department of English Language and Literature

ENGL-101-Aziza Zulfugarova- English Foundation 1-A

ENGL-101- İlaha Khanaliyev- English Foundation 1-B

ENGL-102- Jeyhun Karimov- English Foundation 2- A

ENGL-102- Jeyhun Karimov -English Foundation 2-B

ENGL-102- Khanim Ahmedova-English Foundation 2-C

ENGL-102-Aytan Mammadova- English Foundation 2-D

ENGL-102- Khanim Ahmedova-English Foundation 2-E

ENGL-102- Kamala Asgerova- English Foundation 2-F

ENGL-103- Milana Abbasova- Academic English (A)

ENGL-103- Narmin Kerimli- Academic English (B)

ENGL-216- Sevil Huseynova- ESP (B)

Academic Language Skills

English for Current Events

History of English Language

English Composition

Survey of American Literature

Survey of British Literature-2

Department of Education

Teaching Methods of Azerbaijani Language

Teaching Methods of History

Introduction to Education (A)

Introduction to Education (B) 

Educational Psychology

World Educational Systems

Teaching and Learning in Higher Educational Institutions

Department of History and Archeology

Azerbaijan History


History of Turkic People-1

History of Azerbaijan-1 

Museum Studies

History of World Civilization-1

History of Azerbaijan-3

History of Medieval Europe

History of Medieval East

Primary Source and Historiography of azerbaijan history 

Azerbaijani History (Rus)

Department of Azerbaijan Language and Literature

Azerbaijani Literature (A)  

Azerbaijani Literature (B)

Modern Azerbaijani language-1 (A) 

Modern Azerbaijan language-1 (C)

Modern Azerbaijan language-3

History of Azerbaijani Literature-1 

Fundamentals of Linguistics

History of Azerbaijani Literature-3 

World Literature-1 

Introduction to Turcology 

Comparative grammar of Turkic dialects 

Old Alphabet (A)

Old Alphabet (B) 

History of Azerbaijani Literature-5

Modern Literary Movements

Immigrant Literature 

Department of Mathematics

Elementary Mathematics

Math Analyses-1

Math Analyses-2

Analytical Geometry 

Linear Algebra 

Department of Biology

Life Science

General biology 

Introduction to Bioinformatics 

Plant physiology 


Ecology and evolutionary biology 

Department of Computer Science

Introduction to Computer Science (A)

Introduction to Computer Science (B)

Introduction to Computer Science (C)

Introduction to Computer Science (D) 

Introduction to Computer Science (E) 

Introduction to Computer Science (F)

Operational systems 

Computer graphics

Department of Physics


Molecular physics

Semiconductor Device 


Department of Geography

Earth and Space Science



Physical geography of World


Social Sciences

Organizational Behavior

Language and Culture Department

German language-1

Graduate courses


Morphological analyses

Educational policy and strategy 

Immigrant Literature

World Educational Systems

Teaching and Learning in Higher Educational Institutions

Modern Literary Movements

Immigrant Literature