Documentation for Quality Assurance of Study Programmes

Documentation for Quality Assurance of Study Programmes

Start Date: November 15, 2011

Duration: 36 months

Brief information and main objectives:

A clear documentation of learning objectives, educational process, learning context, learning outcomes and management system is an essential and necessary aspect of the Quality Assurance (QA) of Study Programmes (SPs).

The project aims to define and to implement an online documentation system for the QA of SPs in the Partner Countries (PCs), consistent with the European Standards and Guidelines for QA. This aim is pursued through the cooperation of all the project partners, national authorities included.

A primary outcome of the project is the identification of information and data for QA of SPs in PCs. To this end, national standards for QA, or “quality requirements,” of SPs are identified and analyzed, also in order to verify and promote their compliance with the European Standards and Guidelines.

Information and data associated with each quality requirement and related management processes necessary to “measure” the quality of SPs are identified; procedures for their collection and documentation are defined. Then the needed university facilities for the collection and documentation of the identified information and data are organized and the software for their online management is designed and produced.

Implementation of procedures, facilities and software constitute the final outcome and output of the project.

Dissemination is primarily aimed at informing and involving all the Higher Education Institutions of the PCs of the project objectives, activities & results, and is based on the following 2 main actions:

i) dissemination through Internet and distribution of material on the project activities and results;

ii) organization of events on the project activities and results.

Coordinator and partners:


University of Genoa


28 partners from 8 countries are involved in the DoQuP project.



Baku State University

Khazar University

Azerbaijan Medical University

Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan

Qafqaz University  

Odlar Yurdu University

Kyrgyz Republic

Bishkek Academy of Finance and Economics

Education Network Association

Ministry of Education and Science of Kyrgyz Republic

Kyrgyz National University n.a. J. Balasagyn

Naryn State University


Eurasian National University n.a. L. Gumilyov

Independent Kazakhstan Quality Assurance Agency in Education

Kazakh Ablai Khan University for Int'l Relations & World Lang.

Kazakh National Technical University n.a. K.I. Satpaev

Ministry of Education and Science of Republic of Kazakhstan

National Centre for Assessing Quality of Education

Kazakh Leading Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering


Ministry of Education of Republic of Tajikistan

Tajik Institute of Entrepreneurship and Services

Tajik National University

Technological University of Tajikistan


Universitat Duisburg - Essen


Universidad de Alicante


Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava


Consorzio Inter-Universitario Calcolo Automatico Italiano N.O.

Conference of Italian University Rectors


Lyudmila Sotova, Head of Quality Assurance Center

+994 012 421 7916 (ext. 211) 

Useful links:

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ECA - European Consortium for Accreditation

Project website:

DoQuP project website
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