Development of Training Network for Improving Education in Energy Efficiency

Development of Training Network for Improving Education in Energy Efficiency

Start Date: October 2012

Duration: 36 months

Brief information and main objectives:

This proposal aims to prioritize: modernization of curricula with 3 cycle structure, ETCS and degree recognition in the Teacher training and education science in Physical science (BY), engineering and engineering trades (Belarus, Azerbaijan, Kosovo). The project involves higher education institutions from Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland and Belgium as well as from such partner countries: Belarus, Kosovo and Azerbaijan. Development of the curricular reform in Engineering and Engineering trades are highlighted as a priority in all partner countries.  

The wider objective is to enhance networking among higher education institutions across the partner countries and EU member states for improving the education in the field of the energy efficiency enhancement , energy saving and use of renewable sources of energy.

The project aims such specific objectives:

  1. To enhance the quality and relevance of higher education in the partner countries by bringing together education excellence and best practice in the field of the energy efficiency enhancement, energy saving and use of renewable sources of energy field (declared field) on the base of creation/ modernization of study programs ;
  2. To  make compatible/unified curricula for improving the education and expertise of target groups (students/ master students/ and academic/teacher staff ) in the declared field;
  3. To confirm teaching/learning approaches (lectures, practice classes, didactic materials etc) and tools (equipment, hardware/software, user, methodological guides, manuals etc.) for improving the target groups education and expertise
  4. To create electronic libraries by directions(enhancement of energy efficiency, energy saving, energy effective materials, use of renewable sources).
Realization of the project   will allow creating Joint Educational Platform as a system of developed/improved compatible education tools and didactic materials needed to transfer experience of EU Universities to Partner Countries' Universities.

Coordinator and partners:


Riga Technical University


Tallinn University of Technology

Vilnius University

Lublin University of Technology

Politechnika Koszalinska

Katholieke Hogeschool Brugge-Oostende

“Dunarea de Jos” University of Galati

University Mitrovica

Qafqaz University

National Aviation Academy of Azerbaijan

Belarusian State University

Belarusian National Technical University

Belarusian State Agrarian Technical University

Khazar University


Prof. Hasan Niknafs, Dean of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences 

+994 012 421 79 16 ext. 251

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