Curriculum Development and Capacity Building in the field of EU studies

Curriculum Development and Capacity Building in the field of EU studies

Start date: October 2012

Duration: 36 months

Brief information and main objectives:

The project on Curriculum Development and Capacity Building in EU studies (CURDEUS) aims to enhance knowledge of EU studies and promotes European dimensions of quality of education and facilitate networking between universities in the EU and Azerbaijan.

 The project specifically aims to:

- Update the existing curriculum and establish a new curriculum in the field of EU studies in accordance with European standards;

- Develop or build teachers’ professional capacity in the field of EU Studies;

- Establish a permanent EU studies Center in Azerbaijan (at Khazar University), which will function as a resource center and think tank in this field ;

- Develop double and/or joint degree programmes in EU studies with interested institutions.

In accordance with these objectives, the main objectives, the main outcomes of the project will be as follows:

a) A new and/or harmonized curriculum in European Studies in line with European standards;

b) Increased capacity (trained professional academic staff, availability of high quality teaching materials and other resources) in the field of European Studies in Azerbaijan;

c) A European Studies Center in Azerbaijan which will ensure the sustainability of the project;

d) Develop joint degree programs in EU studies between Azerbaijani universities already offering course on the EU (Khazar University and Baku State University and European Universities having already an expertise and well established programmes  in this field (Leiden University, the University of Lodz, the University of Lusaphone and the University of Genoa)

e) This programme will facilitate further cooperation between all involved universities and contribute to the sustainability and dissemination of project results.

Coordinator and partners:

Project Coordinator:

Khazar University  


Leiden University

Academy of Management in Lodz

The Lusophone University of Humanities and Technology

University of Genoa

The Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan Republic

Ganja State University

Nakhchivan State University

Baku State University

Baku Slavic University

Azerbaijan University


Baba Bayramli

+994 (12) 421 79 16/ ext 238
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