Start Date:  September, 2012

Duration:  48 months

The partnership has been carefully selected in order to ensure both a fair geographical balance and Academic excellence proven by the position covered in national and international ranking by the represented Universities. It is spread and diversified: the eight European Partners, four comprehensive universities and four technical ones, assure a full coverage of all fields of studies; the ENPI East Universities are twelve in order to cover all six countries included in the Lot (one is from Armenia, two are from Azerbaijan, Georgia, Belarus and Ukraine, three are from Moldova). In composing the partnership, special attention has been paid to covering of strategic disciplines such as Engineering, Agriculture, Geography, Geology, Law, Natural and Social Sciences.

The planned number of mobility flows (258), by far larger than the minimum number required for this Lot (150), has been defined taking into account every partner’s needs in terms of academic level, duration and range of academic disciplines, in order to make the impact on beneficiaries and their institutions significant and worthwhile.

The Partnership decided to focus the motilities mainly on Target Group 1, representing 89% of the total mobility flows, in order to foster and improve the current relations among the Partner Universities especially in the field of student mobility and joint research projects. The remaining part of the available grants (11%) is planned for Target Group 2, with the goal of providing cooperation opportunities with the Associate Partner Universities and other institutions not included in the partnership, as well as educational opportunities to individuals not belonging to the Partner Universities. A significant number of Staff motilities (18%) has been planned with the goal of strengthening the institutional relations among the Partnership members through Academic and Administrative staff exchanges.

Brief information and main objectives: 

The EUROEAST project is fully in line with the objectives and priorities underlined in the ENPI Eastern Regional Programme Strategy Paper and in the ENPI East Countries Action Plans. In terms of specific goals of the Higher Education sector, the project aims at building and strengthening links and co-operation in “people-to-people” contacts in education and research in order to provide academics, decision-makers and other professionals in ENPI East and EU with opportunities generated by the development of a sustainable network of European and ENPI East HEIs and the resulting teaching and research programmes in areas that influence development policies.

In detail the Partnership aims at pursuing the following results in line with the Erasmus Mundus goals:

  • Fostering the institutional cooperation and mutual recognition and enrichment among European and ENPI East HEIs through a transfer of know-how and good practices and increasing, at the same time, the cooperation and good neighbourly relations among the ENPI East partners;
  • Supporting ENPI East HEIs to enhance internationalization, through the harmonization of the ENPI East HE systems with international standards;
  • Building the management capacities of ENPI East HEIs reducing, for e.g. unnecessary regulations and bureaucratic procedures related to international collaboration and supporting the establishment of more robust arrangements for institutional and programme quality assurance

Widening through the international mobility, the educational and scientific horizons of academic and administrative staff, bringing benefits to the future relationships between EU and ENPI East countries.

Coordinator and partners: 


POLITO – Politecnico di Torino

Joint Coordinator:

NTUU “KPI” - KYIV Polytechnic Institute


AALTO - Aalto University

AMU - Adam Mickiewicz University

FUB - Freie Universität Berlin

IST - Instituto Superior Tecnico

UGENT - Universiteit Gent

UM2 - University of Montpellier 2

UPV - Universidad Politecnica de Valencia

GSU - Gavar State University

BSU - Baku State University

Khazar University

ISU - Ilia State University

RSU - Shota Rustaveli State University

BRSU - Brest State University

YKSUG - Grodno State University Yanka Kupala

SAUM - State Agrarian University of Moldova

USB - Alecu Russo Balti State University

TUM - Technical University of Moldova

CHNU - Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University


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