At present, the basic fields of academic and research activity of the Department of Philosophy and Human Studies are grouped into three divisions:

 • Philosophy (comprising a wide range of philosophical disciplines concerning history of philosophy, philosophy of religion, political philosophy, relations between philosophy and literature, philosophy and linguistics)

• Sociology and Social Psychology

 • Other fields of humanities and social sciences (e.g. study of Arts and Culture, Social and Cultural Anthropology) 

Various courses offered by the Department are taught practically in all schools of the University as electives in general education requirements. The disciplines offered by the Department are included as the major, major related and minor courses required for Bachelor and Master degree programmes at the  School of Humanities and Social Sciences, School of Education and School of Economics and Management. As a mandatory course, Philosophy is also taught for PhD researchers in the Division of Graduate Studies and Research.

 The faculty of the Department is composed of scholars with solid teaching experience and varied research interests. All teaching faculty members have strong academic background in their respective fields and have published widely. Distinguished visiting professors from foreign countries complement the full-time faculty.

 The Department supports several interdisciplinary graduate programs leading to master's and Ph.D. degrees.

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