Department of Journalism is established Department of Journalism within the School of Humanities and Social Sciences in 1994. Now the Department is one of the useful departments in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. 

The department works with art radio and television studios, advanced production equipment, and faculty members who are a mix of academicians and media practitioners. The department offers students three minor programs:

  • TV and Radio Journalism.
  • Newspaper and Magazine Journalism.
  • Marketing and Advertising in Mass Media.

Each minor track features theoretical grounding and skills training developed by experts in each discipline, in order to provide students with knowledge in a specific field, while maintaining a strong core of communication and media subjects. 

The major in Journalism is offered by experienced journalists and is tailored to individual needs and interests of the students. The Department offers programs on mass media law and policy, social research related to mass media, film making/criticism, radio and TV production, and public relations. 

Additionally, journalism is also offered as a minor field of study for students majoring in English. The faculty at the Department deems it important that students, along with professional training in their field, are able to examine both the existing situation and perspectives regarding the role of mass communications in Azerbaijan as well as in the USA, Europe, and other countries.

In cooperation with Khazar University Press, the Department has translated several modern textbooks on Journalism and Mass Media to address the needs of wide population of students and professionals.

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