Meteorology, Climatology, Earth system observatories and climate modeling. 

Meteorology, Climatology, Earth system observatories and climate modeling. 

Dr.Rovshan Abbasov  is a Head of the Department of Geography and Environment. Dr. Abbasov’ areas of specialization include Environmental management, Environmental pollution, Environmental economics, Water resources management, flood management, disaster risk reduction, hydrology, climate changes; investigations on the economic analysis of environmental resources.    Rovshan Abbasov is actively involved in both international and national projects and has conducted research in many countries (USA, Germany, Japan, and Hungary). He has researched and worked for such institutions as University of California, Davis, Michigan State University (USA), International Lake Environmental Committee (Japan), Freie University (Germany). Recently, he is an UNDP expert in the field of Water Management and Climate Changes. 

Dr. Ramil Sadiqov  has more than 10 years of experience in teaching and research. His research interest includes soil sciences, soil management, environmentalsciences, and urbanization. The topic his doctoral thesis was “The impact of the erosion processes on the soil fertility in mountain regions of Small Caucasus”. Hehas very good publication record. He is an author of the textbook “Applied Ecology” for college students. Dr. Sadiqov actively participates in research conferences.He has designed several interesting courses for universities and his teaching activity includes a broad palette of subjects.  Geomorphology, Soil Sciences, WorldGeography, Applied Ecology are the main courses he delivers.

Elvin Aliyev Remote sensing and GIS specialist with extensive experiences. Focuses on the use of geoinformation technologies in environment and natural

resources management (forestry, vegetation monitoring, land degradation, land use/land cover mapping etc), agriculture (yield forecasting, agriculture monitoring etc.) and in various other fields (hydrological modeling, risk management, urban planning, land administration etc).


Cavidan Aliyev Cavidan Aliyev has a master degree from Russian Hydrometeorological University. His areas of specialization include Meteorology, Climatology, Earth system observatories and climate modeling. 

Dr. Rovshan Karimov has PhD degree from National Academy of Sciences. Dr. Karimov's areas of specialization include Economic and Social Geography, Human Geography, Development Geography. Rovshan Karimov was a visiting scholar at the Freie University, Germany. He is actively involved in international projects and recently is a UNDP expert in Greenhouse Gas Inventory.

Dr. Elton Mammedov  is an experienced researcher in the field of Soil Sciences and over the last 5 years he has actively been involved in investigations related to Environmental Pollution. The topic his doctoral thesis was “Morphogenetic diagnostics and anthropogenic evaluation of the soils of forest xerophytes in Small Caucasus”. His research related to heavy metal pollution in newly developed gold mines of Azerbaijan takes international attention. Soil sciences, climate changes, ecotourism, forestry are the main areas of expertise of Dr. Elton Mamedov. 

Dr. Khalid Mukhtarov is an experienced researcher and field worker in the areas related to meteorology, applied meteorology, hydrology and climate changes.  He is highly qualified professional that works with modern meteorological and hydrological observational systems. He is an author of the series of manual for meteorological and hydrological observation sites. Recently, he is actively involved in modernization of hydrometeorological network in Azerbaijan and coordinates with the National Hydrometeorological Department and considered to be as a highly motivated specialist.  His teaching interest has focused on hydrology and meteorology. During his classes he actively involves students to applied problems of hydrometeorological observation systems.