School of Education


Traditionally, the people of Azerbaijan have been education-oriented. Although during the Soviet period a high level of education was reached in Azerbaijan, collapse of the Soviet system and a rapidly changing environment required new approaches and well-prepared strategies for development of education on all levels – preschool, primary school, secondary school, vocational and two-year technical colleges as well as full undergraduate and graduate studies.

Organic unity of academic knowledge, professional training and practice is the foundation of all programs concerning preparation of teachers, educators, scholars and administrators. Accordingly, the main objectives of the School of Education are to conduct research in various fields of education, to develop educational policy and strategy, and to nurture future teachers with a breadth of knowledge in education, humanities, and sciences and equip them with advanced skills and modern teaching methods. Special attention is paid to transferring skills and knowledge that would enable the students to creatively combine national values and traditions with universal values and norms in their future teaching, research and human development activities.

The School of Education is engaged in various research and consultation activities in relation to education and for this purpose it cooperates with the Ministry of Education and with some private educational institutions.

The School also provides in-service training for professionals in the field of education and human development as well as other educational services.

At present, the major aim of the School is to train teachers and educators qualified to teach at every educational level. The theoretical as well as applied courses that the School offers enable prospective teachers to become professionals who are constantly in touch with recent scientific and technological developments and who have the willingness and capacity to apply these developments to their own teaching activities.


Elza Semedova

Ph.D Dean of the School

Phone: (+994 12) 421 10 93 (253)

E-mail: esemedova[at]

Aygun Verdiyeva


Phone: (+994 12) 421 10 93 (233)

E-mail: averdiyeva[at]

Sayad Aslanli

Dean assistant

E-mail: saslanli[at]

Nizami Aliyev

Dean assistant

E-mail: naliyev[at]

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