Faculty and Staff

Zivar Huseynli Baylan

Coordinator of Languages and Cultures Department

PhD in Persian Language and Literature (University of Tehran, Iran)

MS in Persian Language and Literature (University of Tehran, Iran)

E-mail: zhuseynova[at]khazar.org

Phone: (+994 12) 421 10 93 (215)

Elvusal Mammadov 

Instructor of Arabic Language and Literature

PhD in Religious Studies and Philosophy of Culture
(Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences)

MS in Oriental Studies, Arabic Philology
                                 (Baku State University, Azerbaijan)

                                 E-mail: elvusal.mammedov[at]gmail.com

Sevinj Allahverdiyeva

Instructor of German Language and Literature

E-mail: sevinj.allahverdiyeva[at]khazar.org

Sadagat Jumayeva

Instructor of German Language and Literature

E-mail: sadagat.jumayeva[at]khazar.org

Konul Kamilzade

Instructor of Korean Language and Literature

E-mail: konul.kamilzadeh[at]khazar.org

Gunay Gasimova

Instructor of Italian Language and Literature 

E-mail: gunaygasimova[at]gmail.com

Li Ya

Instructor of Chinese Language and Literature

MS in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (Peking University, China)

E-mail: xiaoying796[at]163.com

Vafa Bagirzada

Instructor of French Language and Literature 

E-mail: vafabagirzade[at]yahoo.com

Telman Nusratoglu

PhD in Historical Sciences (Istanbul University, Turkey)

MS in Historical Sciences (Istanbul University, Turkey)

E-mail: telman.guliyev[at]khazar.org

Leman Taghiyeva


BS in History and Geography (Khazar University, Azerbaijan)

E-mail: ltagiyeva[at]khazar.org

Elnura Azizova - Associate Professor

Instructor of History of Religions

PhD in History of Islam (Marmara University, Turkey)

MA in Islamic History and Arts (Marmara University, Turkey) 

E-mail: eazizova[at]khazar.org