Hassan Niknafs

Ph.D., Professor, Rector

Acting Dean of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

E-mail: hniknafs[at]

Mahammad Nuriyev

Professor, Doctor of Science, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs

E-mail: mnouriev[at]

Isakhan Isakhanli

Ph.D., Vice Rector for Administration & Student Affairs

E-mail: iisaxanli[at]

Eldar Shahgaldiyev

Ph.D., Head of the Division of Graduate Studies and Research

Associate Vice Rector for Graduate Studies and Research

E-mail: eshahgaldiyev[at]

Irada Khalilova

Ph.D., Vice-Rector for Research

E-mail: ikhalilova[at]

Nailakhanim Isayeva

MA, Advisor for Humanitarian and Administrative Affairs

E-mail: nisayeva[at]

Raziya Isayeva

MBA, Director, Development Center

E-mail: risayeva[at]

Alovsat Amirbeyli

MA, Director, Public Relations and Media

E-mail: aamirbeyli[at]

Jeyhun Mammadov

Ph.D., Dean of the School of Economics and Management

E-mail: jmammadov[at]

Jabir Khalilov

Associate Professor, Ph.D., Dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences

E-mail: cxalilov[at]

Elza Samedova

Associate Professor, Ph.D., Dean of the School of Education

E-mail: esemedova[at]

Turan Jafarova

MA, Director of International Affairs Office

E-mail: tjafarova[at]

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