Things Alumni and Friends can do for Khazar University

40 Things Alumni and Friends can do for Khazar University 

  1. Join a volunteer group to become an alumni leader.
  2. Ask your company if they are able to provide a summer internship for at least two students of Khazar University. 
  3. Invite all the graduates in your major (e.g. international economic relations), as well as the professors, to an afternoon get together.
  4. Promote Khazar University; motivate your neighbors’ and friends’ children to enroll in Khazar University.
  5. Organize a Khazar University presentation in your company or organization.
  6. Invite some of the distinguished professors of Khazar University to speak to the clubs and companies you belong to.
  7. Ask the administration of your company if Dr. Isaxanli or Dr. Ryder can make a presentation about Khazar University.
  8. Volunteer to be a guest speaker in an appropriate class.
  9. Ask if your company will be willing to make an investment in education in support of an area of direct interest to the company.   
  10. Volunteer as a mentor to one or two students.
  11. If you live outside Azerbaijan, volunteer to coordinate alumni activities in your country of residence.
  12. Volunteer to sponsor a student of Khazar University to attend or present at a regional or international conference, seminar or any other professional meeting. 
  13. Volunteer to help with campus tours, special guests and open houses.
  14. Volunteer to help with art and scientific events on campus.
  15. Help the university to promote and lobby the need for supporting a private university among state authorities.
  16. Volunteer or help to gather Khazar University’s history, traditions and artifacts with personal mementos.
  17. Ask if there are students who may need tutoring.
  18. Volunteer to lead a small fundraising effort for your favorite academic department or division of Khazar University. 
  19. Volunteer to work in the library or other areas where your skills and experiences may be helpful.
  20. Volunteer to become an advisor to a variety of student organizations, e.g. Khazar Radio.
  21. Teach or team-teach a course on campus.
  22. Volunteer to help support your favorite activity on campus.
  23. Consider donating a part of or your entire library to Khazar Library and Information Center.
  24. Bring special and important friends to campus for lunch and show them around and/or arrange for Dr. Isaxanli to join you.
  25. Organize an alumni club at your workplace if there are other Khazar graduates there.
  26. Sponsor a modest reception at your home for graduating seniors and faculty from your old department at Khazar University.
  27. Contact Khazar University staff about how you can help to facilitate positive support with legislative leaders.
  28. Accompany Khazar University Board of Trustees members or President Ryder on agreed fundraising visits where you think you may be helpful. 
  29. Sponsor a dinner for all retired faculty from your old academic department and invite Dr. Isaxanli to join you.
  30. Get a friend, professional and social contact with particular expertise to help Khazar University with active involvement
  31. Keep Khazar University updated with your address, email, phone number and personal successes.
  32. Wear clothing imprinted with the name of Khazar University to community events.
  33. Participate in special events sponsored by the Khazar Alumni Association.
  34. Volunteer to participate in the Admission Campaign of Khazar University.
  35. Volunteer to be a liaison between Khazar University admissions office and high school offices.
  36. Participate in alumni surveys and feedback opportunities.
  37. Volunteer to become a member of Alumni Council or Alumni Association Board of Directors.
  38. Send positive letters/articles about Khazar University to local newspapers.
  39. Check out the University website at least once a week.
  40. Create your own personal way to make a difference at Khazar University.

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