Alumni Interview Questions

Dear Alumni!

Your answers to these questions will help us to develop stories for the Alumni and Friends page of  But you are welcome to address any other issue that is not indicated in this questionnaire.  Please feel free to write as much as you’d like, but responses of about 1000 words total will help us to a great extent. Thank you! We are glad you care about Khazar and are ready to invest your time to share your story.

What makes Khazar special for you?

What does Khazar mean to you?

How education at Khazar helped you to achieve your level? 

What do you think Khazar needs in order to maintain its leading position?

How can alumni help us to achieve that?

What expectations do alumni have of their Alma Mater?

Have you volunteered for any fundraising activity, or have you done something you want to share with us?  If yes, what did it give you? 

Please send your answers to

Thank you very much for your help!

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