Elza Semedli  (PhD in Philology)  

PhD   2004  (Selcuk University, Institute of Social Sciences, Turkey) 

MSc 1999 (Erciyes University, Turkic languages, Turkey )

Research interests:  Historical And Modern Turkic Dialects, Literature, Linguistics, Education, Culture

 Workplace : Khazar University

Vurgun Eyyub     (Ph.D, Associate Professor) 

Ph.D  in Philology, 1987 ( ASPU ,Azerbaijani literature, Baku)

MSc 1977 ( ASPU, Azerbaijan language and literature, Baku)

Research Interests: Azerbaijan Literature, Theory of Literature, Azerbaijani Prose,  Folklore, Education, Education Policy, Social Research

 Workplace : Khazar University

Dilbar Zeynalova (D.S, in Philology) 

Ph. D, Associate Professor,  2008 (Azerbaijan University of Languages, Azerbaijan)

MSc 1084 ( The Institute of Russian Language and Literature named after MF Akhundov,Baku)

Research interests: Literature, Translation, Culture, Education

 Workplace : Khazar University

Elza Ismayilova  (PhD Student in Philology) 

Ph.D Student (Khazar University, Azerbaijan)

MSc 1985 ( ASPU,Azerbaijani language and literature)

Research interests: Linguistics, Oral Literature, Education, Culture

 Workplace : Khazar University

Reyhan Madatova (Ph D in Philology)

Ph.D 1992-1998 (Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Institute of  linguistics, Azerbaijan)

MSc (Baku State University, Azerbaijani language and literature,Baku)

Research interestsLinguistics, History Linguistics, Phonology

 Workplace : Khazar University

Khatira Beshirli  DS, Professor 

  DS - (Doctor of Science) in Philology, National  Academy of Science of Azerbaijan

MSc (Baku Sate University, Baku)

Research Interests: Azerbaijan Literature, Theory of Literature, Azerbaijani Prose,  Folklore

 Workplace : Khazar University

Vafa Aslanova (MA in Philology) 

MA 2011 ( Azerbaijan University of Languages )

Research interests:  Linguistics, Translation

 Workplace : Khazar University

Cahid Ismayil oglu Kazimov (Ph.D in Philology)  

Ph.D 2009 ( Azerbaijan National Academy of Science )

MSc2005 ( Baku State University,Turkology, Baku)

Research interests:  Linguistics, Literature

 Workplace : Khazar University

Elmira Mammadova (Ph.D in Philology) 

Ph.D 2004 ( Azerbaijan National Academy of Science )

MSc 2001 ( Baku State University, Foreign literature, Baku)

Research interests:  Turkic Studies, world literature

 Workplace : Khazar University

İlahe Qurbanova (Ph.D in Philology) 

Ph.D 2014 (Azerbaijan National Academy of Science )

MSc 2001 ( Baku State University, Modern Azerbaijani language,Baku )

Research interests:  Azerbaijani dialectology,ethnolinguistics  )

Workplace : Khazar University

Sevinc Ağayeva (Ph.D in Philology) 

Ph.D 2010 ( Azerbaijan National Academy of Science ,Baku)

MSc 2005 ( Lankaran State University,Linguistics, Baku )

Research interests: Modern and old languages

Workplace : Khazar University

İlahə Hacıyeva ( Ph.D  student )

Ph.D student 2012 (Azerbaijan Language University, Azerbaijani literature,Baku)

MSc 2011( Azerbaijan Language University, Azerbaijani literature,Baku)

Research interests: Azerbaijani and Poetry literature

Workplace : Khazar University

Pervin Eyvazov ( Ph.D student )

Ph.D 2016 ( Baku State University, Azerbaijani language,Baku )

MSc 2013 (Baku Slavic University, Azerbaijani language, Baku)

Research interests:  Theory of language ,Azerbaijani dialectology, Azerbaijani linguistics

Workplace : Khazar University

Gunel İsmayılova ( Ph.D student )

Ph.D doktorant 2014 ( Baku Slavic University , Comparative historical linguistics , Baku )

MSc 2013 ( Baku Slavic University, Common language,Baku)

Workplace : Khazar University

Ulker Mirzayeva (Ph.D in Philology) 

Ph.D (Baku Slavic University, Modern Russian Language,Baku)

MSc 2012 ( Baku Slavic University, Russian language and literature,Baku)

Workplace : Khazar University

Xatira Yusifova (Ph.D in Philology) 

Ph.D 2014 (Azerbaijan National Academy of Science, the name of M.Fuzuli Manuscript İnstitute,Azerbaijani literature, Baku)

MSc 2000 ( Baku State University,Azerbaijani literature,Baku)

Research interests: Old Azerbaijani Alphabet,Old and Medieval Azerbaijani literature

Workplace : Khazar University

Qardashkan Azizkhanlı ( Ph.D student  )

Ph.D 2014 ( Khazar University, Azerbaijani literature,Baku)

MSc 2000 ( Baku State University,journalism ,Baku)

Workplace : Khazar University