Staff Student Committee

Departmental Staff-Student Consultative Committee

The Department of Political Science and International Relations facilitates dialogue with students through its Staff-Student Consultative Committee (SSCC). The SSCC has been structured to provide a forum for students to discuss student academic concerns including teaching, learning and student support issues in an open manner at the Departmental level. The SSCC is comprised of student representatives and members of academic staff. The Committee may also be a forum to consult with students on future plans of the Department.

The Committee will meet once per semester (November and April). The Head of the Department will convene and regulate the conduct of the meetings.

The elected student representatives (ESRs) of the Committee will be representing the students of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Political Science, International Relations and Regional Studies. Khazar University Student Union administers the electoral process under the supervision of the Head of Department. The ESRs are elected to serve for one academic year. They will need to be proactive in raising issues for the agenda of meetings representing students’ views. The ESRs will ensure that students’ views are collected and heard at the SSCC. It is the responsibility of the ESRs to contact the students they represent before each SSCC meeting asking if there are any concerns to be raised at the SSCC meetings. They may meet with students they represent and/or send emails well in advance of each meeting. They will have to ensure that discussions are documented and the students are kept informed of resulting decisions by reporting agreed action back to students they represent. The ESRs will be assigned to produce and distribute an annual summary of the issues discussed and actions taken at the end of every academic year.

The student representatives will serve on the SSCC on a voluntary basis and those who serve successfully will be issued a Certificate of Appreciation and their University service will appear on their student transcript.

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