Faculty and Staff

Faculty Members:


Dr. Mukhtar Hajizada is a Jean Monnet Chair and the Head of Political Science and International Relations Department of Khazar University. His research has focused on the role of the EU in relation to its Eastern Neighbourhood, regional integration in the wider Black Sea area, institutionalisation of Black Sea regionalisation. He specializes on the Political Economy of Regionalism, International Regionalisms, Regionalisation in the Black Sea region and also EU actorness, foreign and security policies. Dr. Hajizada lectures undergraduate and postgraduate courses on International Relations and EU-related courses including Political Economy of European Integration, European Neighbourhood Policy and Comparative European Politics. He holds his doctoral degree from the University of Leicester where he also worked as a Research Associate in 2012. He holds an MA from Istanbul University and a BA from The Academy of Public Administration in Baku. He was a Visiting Fellow at the Brussels-based Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) in 2010. Dr. Hajizada has also been a Visiting Fellow at the Center for International and European Studies at Kadir Has University, Istanbul.

Contact: mhajizada[at]khazar.org

Dr. Kanan Allahverdiyev is an Associate Professor of Political Science and has taught courses including politology, ethnopolitics, theory of the national security, contemporary political systems, history of political sciences, geopolitics and geostrategy. His research interests include national security, ethnopolitics, strategy of ethnopolitical security. He was awarded his PhD by the Azerbaijan State University in 1986. Dr. Allahverdiyev has acquired extensive teaching experience at the Azerbaijani Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages and The Baku Institute of Social Administration and Politics where he was the Dean of the School of Political Science between 1991 and 1998. He was the Academic Secretary of the Research Council at the Academy of Public Administration since its establishment in 1999 till 2004.

 Contact:  kallahverdiyev[at]khazar.org

Dr. Rashad Huseynov is an Associate Professor and lectures on Foundations of Security Studies and International Organizations at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Dr. Huseynov received his PhD from the Human Rights Institute of the National Academy of Science in 2007. His PhD dissertation focused on trilateral co-operation between Azerbaijan, Turkey and Israel and its implications on security and economic development in the region. He published several articles related to the above-mentioned topics in the local and international journals. Dr. Huseynov is currently working on his post-doctorate dissertation with a focus on the main sources of radicalization of Islam in the Caucasus. Dr. Huseynov is also involved in implementation of two TEMPUS projects (development of master programme on Migration Studies and capacity building in the field of EU Studies) as a curriculum development expert.

Contact: rhuseynov[at]khazar.org

Dr. Javid Veliyev lectures on Foreign Policy of Turkey and is the author of various many academic and editorial articles on the topic. Dr. Valiyev was a researcher at the Middle East Department in 2005-2007, he served as the head of the South Caucasus Department at the National Security Strategic Research Center (TUSAM) in 2007–2009. He wrote comprehensive report titled “Turkish-Armenian rapprochement: Who is winner and who is loser?” He has co-edited the books South Caucasus: Energy, Geopolitics Rivalry and Territorial Integrity (Ankara, 2011) and Turkey-Azerbaijan Relations (Ankara, 2012). Dr. Valiyev received his PhD in International Relations from Ankara University in 2013. Dr. Veliyev is also a Senior Research Fellow at the Foreign Policy Analysis Department of the Center for Strategic Studies (SAM) since 2009.

Contact: jvaliyev[at]khazar.org

Baba Bayramli is a coordinator of the TEMPUS  project entitled “Curriculum Development and Capacity Building in the Field of EU Studies”. He is a PhD Candidate at the Department of Political Science and International Relations of Khazar University and his research focuses on the role of integration into European institutions and the regional cooperation policy in ensuring security in the South Caucasus. He also teaches courses on the History of Diplomacy and Modern Diplomacy.

Contact: bbayramov[at]khazar.org

Azad Garibov is a PhD candidate at the Department of Political Science and International Relations of Khazar University where he lectures courses on EU Law and EU in Global Politics. He received BA International Relations degree from Baku State University and did MSc degree in International Politics at the University of Glasgow (UK). Azad Garibov is also a frequent contributor to the various online and published newspapers and journals, including the Journal of Turkish Weekly. His areas of interest include security theories, European politics and EU’s role in the global politics, as well as geopolitics and geo-economics in the South Caucasus and Central Asia, including trans-Eurasian transport and Caspian affairs. He is also a Research Fellow in the Foreign Policy Analysis Department of the Center for Strategic Studies (SAM).

Contact: agaribov[at]khazar.org

Elsevar Mammadov lectures on Political Psychology and Research Methods in Political Science. His main research lies on the opportunities for civil society and regional challenges against the background of eastern partnership, EU External Governance and the regional integration policies in South Caucasus Region. He is a PhD candidate and holds an MA degree in Peace and Security Policy Studies in Hamburg, Germany. Elsevar was a coordinator for the research project on comparative analysis of EU’s strategic instruments implemented in the South Caucasus and the Central Asia, conducted by the Institute of International Politics of Darmstadt University (Germany). He is also involved with the USAID Azerbaijan Competitiveness and Trade Project dealing with the developments in the area of economic and legal reforms.

Contact: emammadov[at]khazar.org

Elvin Yusifli is a PhD candidate at the Department of Political Science and International Relations and teaches a course on theory of international relations. Elvin received his BA in International Relations from Baku State University. He holds an MA in Social and Public Policy at Duquesne University as the 2012 Edmund S. Muskie Fellow. His areas of research interest include political and international relations theories and specific public policy issues as decentralization and corruption. In addition to his research and teaching activities, Elvin Yusifli is the projector director of Azerbaijan Partnership for Transparency at Transparency Azerbaijan.

Contact: eyusifli[at]khazar.org

Mahammad Muradov is a PHD candidate at the Department of Political Science and International Relations of Khazar University. The title of his research topic is "Integrating e-government to public administration, Azerbaijan Case Study". He also lectures on Foreign Policy of Azerbaijan at Khazar University. Mr. Muradov holds a Master’s degree in Diplomacy and Strategic Negotiation from Paris-Sud University and another Master's degree in Political  Science from Bordeaux Montesquieu University. He currently works for Transparency International’s Azerbaijan Chapter as a project coordinator of the EU funded National Integrity System Assessment Project. His primary work and research areas: E-government and public e-services, integrity in business and public services.

Contact: mmuradov[at]khazar.org

Anar Rahimov is a PhD candidate at the Department of Political Science and International Relations of Khazar University and lectures a course on International Organizations. He authored on the prospects of economic cooperation in the Wider Black Sea region and current cooperation trends in the Turkic world. Areas of his interest include multilateralism and parliamentary diplomacy, as well as a role of international organizations in contemporary international order and OSCE platform in security dialogue. Anar Rahimov was a participant of the Individual Fellowship Programme of the European Parliament and conducted a research on the EU parliamentary dimension, functions, structure and role of the European Parliament. He is also alumni of the Graduate Institute of International Studies of Geneva (Switzerland). In 2005-2011 Anar Rahimov worked in the International Secretariat of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (PABSEC), after which he continued his activity in the Parliamentary Assembly of Turkic Speaking Countries (TURKPA) where he currently is the head of legal affairs and public relations section.

Contact: arahimov[at]khazar.org

Zibar Huseynova lectures on International Political Economy at the Department of International Relations and Political Science of Khazar University. She holds MA degree in European Political and Administrative Studies from the College of Europe (Bruges) and Bachelor's degree in International Relations from the Baku State University. Her research interests include the European Union’s Foreign and Security policy, the European Neighborhood Policy and the European Union's Energy Policy. 

Contact zibar.huseynova@khazar.org

Ziya Mursalzade lectures on Introduction to Economics. He holds an MSc degree in Finance from University of Leicester and a BA degree in International Economic Relations from Baku State University. He has been selected “the best full-time master student of the year”during his studies at University of Leicester. He was granted to the scholarship of State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic for his MSc studies. Now, he is working as a leading economist at State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic. His main research interests include oil sector, portfolio management, risk management, derivatives and stock trading.

Contact: zmursalzada[at]khazar.org

Adjunct Professors

Prof. Musa Qasimli is the director of the Institute of World Politics of the National Academy of Sciences and professor at the Department of Modern and Contemporary History of European and American Countries of the Baku State University. He received his doctoral degree in History from the Baku State University in 1992. He lectures undergraduate courses on Modern History of the European and American Countries, History of International Relations, and the U.S. Foreign Policy. He also teaches a course on the U.S. Factor in Soviet-Turkish Relations in 1960-1991 to master's students. Prof. Qasimli's research mainly focuses on the history of international relations. He has authored and co-authored numerous books and academic journal articles, including on the great powers' policies towards Azerbaijan in 1914-1918 and 1920-1922, Soviet-Turkish relations in 1924-1924 and 1960-1991, and Azerbaijan's position in the system of international relations.

Contact: mqasimli[at]khazar.org

Prof. Hasan Alibeyli is the head of the Department of International Relations and International Law of the Institute of Philosophy and Law of the National Academy of Sciences. He received his doctoral degree in History from the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the USSR in 1989. He has previously served as Counselor (1992-1995) and Charge d'Affaires (1993-1995) at the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Iran. Prof. Alibeyli has authored a significant number of academic articles, including on foreign policies of Iran and Afghanistan.

 Contact: halibeyli[at]khazar.org

Prof. Alikram Taghiyev holds a doctoral degree in Philosophy and heads the Department of Political Science of the Institute of Philosophy and Politico-Legal Research of the National Academy of Sciences. He is a professor at the Azerbaijan Technical University and the Azerbaijan Teachers Institute. His research interests include ethnicity, nationality, and national ideology.  Prof. Taghiyev also has significant research experience in the field of  philosophy, cultural studies, and political sociology. He has previously served as the editor-in-chief of an academic journal for the studies of  socio-political problems.

Contact: ataghiyev[at]khazar.org

Dr. Adil Mirabdullayev received his doctoral degree from Baku State University in 2011, where he is currently serving as a Senior Lecturer in the Department of International Relations. He lectures on the Methodology of International Relations, Foundations of Azerbaijan's National Security, and International Cultural Relations. He is also the chairman of the Independent Trade Union of the National Academy of Sciences and has previously served as a Senior Researcher there. Dr. Mirabdullayev's research mainly focuses on Russia's policies in the post-Soviet space and relations between the CIS member-states. He has authored numerous academic journal articles and books.  

Contact: amirabdullayev[at]khazar.org