Faculty and Staff

Dr. Jeyhun Mammadov

Dean of Economics and Management Faculty

Head of Economics and Management Department

Ph.D. in Economics, Bielefeld University, Germany 

M.Sc. Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal


                                  +994 12 4217916 (277)

Dr. Shahriyar Mukhtarov

Vice-dean of the faculty of Economics and Management

Ph.D. in Banking, Marmara University, Turkey

M.Sc. in Banking, Marmara University, Turkey 


                                     +994 12 4217916 (259)

Prof. Mahammad Nuriyev

Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs

Dr. in Management Information Systems, Azerbaijan State Oil Academy

M.Sc. Azerbaijan Institute of Oil and Chemistry, Azerbaijan


+994 12 4217916 (223)

Prof. Ingilab Ahmadov

Professor of Economics

D.Sc. Economics, Saint Petersburg State University, Russia

M.Sc. Leningrad State University, Russia


Prof. Fuat Rasulov

Professor of Economics

Ph.D. Moscow Institute for Management of Public Economy, Russia, Professor of Managerial Sciences

M.Sc.Azerbaijan Institute of Oil and Chemistry, Azerbaijan


+994 12 4217916 

Prof. Rovshan Guliyev

Instructor of Economics

D.Sc. Moscow Institute of Agrarian Problems & Informatics, Russia

M.Sc. The Institute of Agrarian Problems and Informatics, Moscow (Russia) 


Dr. Elvin Mammadov

Coordinator in Economics and Management Department

Ph.D. in Banking, Marmara University, Turkey

M.Sc. in Finance, Azerbaijan Economic State University, Azerbaijan

+994 12 4217916 (256) 

Dr. Bahadır Baysal 

Coordinator in Economics and Management Department

Ph.D. in Business Management, Khazar University, Azerbaijan

M.Sc.Troy State University, Troy, Alabama, USA

E-mail: bbaysal[at]khazar.org

+994 12 4217916  (256)

Dr.Rashad Huseynov

Instructor of Managerial Sciences

Ph.D. in Agricultural and applied economics, Instructor of Economics and Managerial Sciences, Bon University, Germany

M.Sc.  University of Bonn, Germany 


Dr. Lala Ganiyeva

Instructor of Research Methods 

Ph.D. University of Missouri-Columbia, USA 

M.Sc. Michigan State University, USA 

Dr. Fuad Aliyev

Instructor of International Business

Ph.D. Azerbaijan State Economic University, Azerbaijan 

M.Sc. Academy of Public Administration Under The President of  Azerbaijan Republic, Azerbaijan


Dr. Shafa Alasgarova

İnstructor of Managerial Sciences

Ph.D. in Human Resource Management, University of Manchester, UK (candidate)

Msc. in Human Resource Management, University of Manchester, UK

Laman Gayidova

Instructor of Marketing Courses 

M.Sc. EDHEC Business School, France 


Nijat Resulov 

Instructor of Financial Management  

M.Sc. University of Leicester, Leicester, United Kingdom 


Ziya Alili 

Instructor of Econometrics

M.Sc. University of Wales, London School of Business and Finance, London, United Kingdom 


Orkhan Karimov 

Instructor of Management and Cost Accounting

M.Sc. Queen’s University, Belfast, UK 


Khumar Huseynova

Instructor of Managerial Sciences 

M.Sc. Khazar University, Azerbaijan


  Tarlan Isgandarov

  Instructor of Principles of Accounting

  M.Sc. University of Southampton, UK 



 Fidan Hajiyeva 

 Instructor of Mathematics for Economics and Business

 M.Sc. International School of Economics, Tbilisi State University



Shaig Ganbarli

Instructor of Econometrics and Mathematics for Economics and Business 

M.Sc. (International School of Economics, Tbilisi State University (ISET)                                                                                           

Javidan Feyziyev

Instructor of Computer Applications in Business 

M.Sc. Azerbaijan State Oil Academy, Azerbaijan 


Turan Garayeva

Instructor of Strategic Management

M.Sc. London School of Business and Finance, UK


Rasul Hajiyev 

Instructor of Managerial Sciences 

M.Sc. Audencia Nantes Ecole de Management, France 


Kamil Heydarov

Instructor of Financial Reporting

M.Sc. Durham University, UK


Niyazi Abbasov

Instructor of Financial Accounting

M.Sc. Azerbaijan State Economic University, Azerbaijan


Nijat Garayev

Instructor of Managerial Sciences

M.Sc.The University of Manchester, UK


Fuad Aliyev 

Instructor of Business Law

M.Sc. LL.M. Georgetown University Law Center, USA


Zhala Mammadova

Instructor of Managerial Sciences

M.Sc in International Human Resource Management, 

University of Newcastle, Newcastle (United Kingdom)  

Erkin Nasirov 

Instructor of  Business and professional communication 

MSc in Human Resource Management  and Development,

University of Manchester, UK.

Abdulla Alikhanov

Instructor of Fundamental of Financial Management

MSc in Finance and Business, School of Economics and Management,

Lund University, Sweden.

Vusal Mammadrzayev

Instructor of Statistics

M.Sc.  in Economics and Finance

Eberhard-Karls University of Tubingen, Germany

Elvin Mirzayev 

Instructor of International Finance

M.Sc.European School of Finance (HfWU) Nürtingen University, Germany

Fariz Jafarov

Instructor of strategic Management and Business Policy

Master Certificate in Project Management, George Washington University

Mirismayil Seyidov

Instructor of Financial Accounting

MSc. Accounting and Finance University of Leicester, UK

Nilufar Masimova

Instructor of Organizational Behavior

M.Sc. University of East Anglia, UK 

Firdovsi Aghashirinov

Instructor of Insurance

M.Sc. Baku State University, Azerbaijan

Elmir Huseynov

Instructor of Financial Management

M.Sc. in Economics,  Finance and Management, The University of Bristol

Sevinj Sultanova

Instructor of Managerial Sciences

M.Sc. in Human Resource Management, University of Leeds, UK


Nazakat Azimli

Instructor of Economics                    

M.Sc. in International Political Economy, Kings College, London

Ayten Akhundova

Instructor of Economics

M.S.in  Economics, Illinois, USA

Gahraman Yusupov

Instructor of Tourism Studies

M.S.in  National economy and planning, Baku, Azerbaijan

Nijat Guliyev

Instructor of Economics

M.A. in Economics, ISET, Tbilisi, Georgia

Shahriyar Aliyev

Instructor of Economics

M.S in Economics, Philipps University of  Marburg, Germany 

Elnur Ramazanov

Instructor of Principles of Accounting

M.S in Accounting, James Cook University, Brisbane, Australia

Tural Gasimov

İnstructor of Managerial Sciences

Master of Finance, Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, Germany

Elnur Eyvazov

Instructor of Taxation

Master in Law, Oxford University, UK