Faculty's Staff

Jabir Z. Khalilov - Dean 

S.J.D., Associate Professor

Master of Laws (School of Law, Lomonosov Moscow State University)

Research interests: Criminal Procedure, Evidence, Law Enforcement systems, European law, Legal education etc.

E-mail: cxalilov[at]khazar.org

Valida S. Karimova - Vice-Dean  

Ph.D. candidate in Germanic languages 

MA* in Linguistics, Honor diploma (Khazar University, Azerbaijan)

Research interests: Linguistics, British&American literature etc.

E-mail: vkerimova[at]khazar.org

Pasha A. Aydayev - Dean Assistant 

BA* in Political Sciences, Honor diploma (Khazar University, Azerbaijan)

Research interests: Nationalism and Economy, Territorial conflicts, Regional integration, Critique, and Globalization.

E-mail: paydayev[at]khazar.org


Elkhan E. Kasimov - Dean Assistant

BA* in International Relations (Khazar University, Azerbaijan)

Research interests: Interstate conflicts, Solutions of interstate conflicts, Public Diplomacy, Foreign policy

E-mail: elkhan.kasimov[at]khazar.org

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