Khazar University


Baku, Azerbaijan

Order № 21\66

1. The 5th International Azerbaijan Psychological Conference organized by the Department of Psychology is to be held on April 7-8, 2018, at Khazar University.

2. Organizational team will be created. The project team members will be as follows:

  • Melek Kerimova – Director of Khazar Psychological Center, PhD
  • Leman Verdiyeva – Psychologist at the Ministry of Justice, instructor at Khazar University
  • Roya Mirzayeva – Psychiatrist at the Ministry of Justice, instructor at Khazar University 
  • Tahmasib Javadzadeh – Psychologist at 1st Azerbaijan Mental Hospital, instructor at Khazar University 
  • Nilufar Alizada – Instructor at Khazar University 
  • Anar Babayev – Instructor at Khazar University
  • Aygun Isgendarova – Instructor at Khazar University

Voluntary students of the Department of Psychology:

  • Leman Guliyeva – volunteer student
  • Jamila Maharramova – volunteer student 
  • Shahin Aliyev – volunteer student 
  • Aysel Afandiyeva – volunteer student
  • Aytac Mammadova – volunteer student 
  • Vusal Alqiluyev – volunteer student

3. The estimate will be presented in order to conduct the conference (appendix 1).

4. The finance department will be assigned to cover the expenses

Note: Presented by Melek Kerimova, Director of Khazar Psychological Center.

Rector: Dr. Hassan Niknafs

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