Biomedical Engineering

This modern science industry provides applied research, and solves the problems of the establishment of specialized electronic tools for processing and modeling of biosignals. Biomedical Engineering relates to the field of technology and scientific knowledge, including a set of tools, techniques and methods of human activity aimed at: participation in organizing and conducting diagnostic studies and therapeutic procedures with the use of tools and hardware and software; types of medical equipment service, systems and complexes, as well as technical means of biological laboratories; processing of biomedical information, the establishment and operation of medical databases, the use of modern software packages information support diagnostic and therapeutic processes.

Objects of professional work of the bachelor on a direction "Biomedical Engineering" are devices, systems, complexes and major medical technology, as well as information processing in various fields of biomedical research. It closely combines the individual sections of the electrical, chemical, mechanical and optical engineering, with a common object of activity - the development of methods and means of research of living substance. 

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