The brand new student dormitory of Khazar University offers simple and cozy furnished accommodation without meals to both local and international students. 


Conveniently located close to both the main Neftchiler Campus of Khazar University (3 min walking distance) and the Neftchiler metro station (10 min walking distance), the dormitory offers a wide range of services.

Amenities and Services: 

  • Rooms: shared (minimum occupancy: 2 people; maximum occupancy: 4 people).
  • Each room is equipped with a bed, a bedside drawer, wardrobe, and a table.
  • Toilets and showers: shared, outside of the rooms
  • Kitchen: a shared kitchen/buffet area with cooking and storage (refrigerator) facilities
  • Laundry facilities with washing machines (with dryers), irons, etc.
  • Socializing lounge room: an area with computers, TV, sofas welcomes your guests or visitors.
  • Internet: Wi-Fi connection covers all dormitory area
  • Storage area
  • Quietly located study room

Dormitory Safety: 

The dormitory is equipped with security cameras and other technology to ensure safety of our students and guests.

The building is under constant (24/7) video surveillance and has security personnel.


Monthly rates per person are:

International students: $90 – $140, Local students: 120-170 AZN

Our friendly and ready-to-help dormitory team/staff is at your service. 


Office:   (+994 12) 422 28 17 

              (+994 12) 422 28 06

Mobile: (+994 55) 223 47 37


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