Languages and Cultures

Established in its present form in May the 1st 2015, on the basis of two departments: the department of Eastern Languages and Religious Studies and the department of Modern languages and comparative literature, the Department of Languages and cultures provides possibilities for studying both world languages and cultures. The department is devoted to a wide range of Western languages as German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian etc. as well Eastern languages as Chinese, Korean, Turkish, Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, Urdu etc. The Department also focuses on ancient and modern cultures of the West and the East.

Among the main goals of the Departments are the following:

  • To develop students’ proficiency in modern foreign languages of the West and the East through improving four language skills (speaking, listening, reading, writing)

  • To expand students’ understanding of the cultural-historical knowledge and the world’s cultural diversity through integrative and critical thinking, analytical studying on cultures, religions, societies

  • To conduct researches and organize various programs on new approaches of teaching foreign languages, study of cultures and cultures.

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