NIZAMI Project Meeting

On April 4-8, 2016, the next routine management meeting of the NIZAMI ERASMUS + Capacity Building Project will take place in Azerbaijan at the Ministry of Education, Khazar University and Baku State University. The project is called “Restructuring and Development of Doctoral Studies in Azerbaijan in line with Requirements of Higher Education Area.” The project team consists of 15 Higher Education Institutions along with the Ministry of Education (MoE) and the Academy of Sciences of the Azerbaijani Republic. Among the 15 HEIs there are 5 European, 1 Turkish and 9 Azerbaijani universities.

This meeting is devoted to discussions of Doctoral Studies in Azerbaijan and Europe, their comparison and critical analysis as well as recommendations for the improvement of Doctoral Education in Azerbaijan. The meeting will be hosted by the MoE on the first day, by Khazar University on the next two days, and by Baku State University on the last day.    

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