Civil Engineering Department of Khazar University to Hold a “Spaghetti Bridge” Competition

Civil Engineering Department of Khazar University will hold a Spaghetti Bridge Competition. The competition will be opened for registrations in May and will be held on 22nd of May at Khazar University. If you would like to join the competition, please read the rules and conditions and then send an email to for registration.

Rules of the competition

1. The competition is open to engineering university students. Teams can consist of up to three students. Only one entry (bridge) per team is permitted.

2. The bridge must be constructed using commercially available spaghetti. No other form of pasta, such as fettuccine, is permitted. Tubular spaghetti, also known as bucatini, is not permitted. “Spaghetti is a cylindrical form of pasta with a diameter not greater than 3mm, made from semolina or flour and water”.

3. The bridge must be constructed using PVA/white glue, hot glue or super glue and the glue should be used to join the spaghettis only; glue or any other material cannot be used to coat strands of spaghetti.

4. The bridge must include the supplied loading hook as close as to the midpoint of the bridge.

5. The bridge must span at least 35 cm with two supports. The bridge supports will be placed on horizontal surfaces in each side during the test.

6. The total mass of the bridge including spaghetti, glue and loading hook should not exceed 700 grams.

7. Registration must be received before midnight on Monday 15th May 2019, via the email address that was mentioned before.

Terms and Conditions

1. Each bridge will be weighed and inspected before and after testing. If a bridge doesn’t comply with the requirements such as, weight and size limit or consists of prohibited materials, listed in the “Rules of the competition”, will be disqualified.

2. The loading process will be gradually conducted by one of the team members.

3. The bridge must not be interfered with while undergoing the test. The bridge will be tested until destruction.

4. The winning bridges will be ranked according to the weight and the peak load carried during the test. Highest ratio of carried load per bridge’s weight will be the winner.

5. The team’s bridges must be delivered to Khazar University 1 day before the competition.


  • 200 AZN will be awarded for the first place
  • 160 AZN will be awarded for the second place
  • 140 AZN will be awarded for the third place

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