Biomedical Engineering B.S. Program
CODEFall SemesterKUECTS CODESpring SemesterKUECTS
AZLL 101Azerbaijan Language 36 PHSC 111Physics36
MATH 101Calculus_I36 MATH 102Calculus_II36
CHEM 111Chemistry36 AZC 202Azerbaijan Culture24
ENGL 101English Foundations_I48 ENGL 102English Foundation _II48
MED 315Life Science 36 AZH 150Azerbaijan History36
 Social Sciences**36     
 Credit1938  Credit1530
CODEFall SemesterKUECTS CODESpring SemesterKUECTS
MATH 132Linear Algebra 36 BME 235Technical Equipment Biomedical Systems48
ENGL 216ESP Biomedical Engineering36 BME 240Biomechanics36
CMS 202Computer Application in Engineering36 BME 255Biomedical materials24
BME 220Technical Measurements in Biomedical Research48 EENG 250Electrical Engineering36
 Humanity*36 Humanity*36
 Credit1632  Credit1530
CODEFall SemesterKUECTS CODESpring SemesterKUECTS
BME 350The Interaction of Biological Objects with Physical and Bio-physical fields36 BME 344Methods for Obtaining Diagnostic Information48
BME 321Biomedical Devices, Systems and Complexes - 136 BME 346Biomedical Instruments36
CIV 215Engineering Drawing36 BME 359Control System36
BME 314Foundations of Human and Animal Biology36 BME 395Summer Internship36
  Social Sciences**36 BME 338Biomedical Devices, Systems and Complexes - 236 
      Elective (major)***36
 Credit1530  Credit1938
CODEFall SemesterKUECTS CODESpring SemesterKUECTS
BME 476Fundamentals of Metrology, Standardization and Certification36 BME 447Automatic adjustment in biotechnological systems 36
ENV 305HS&E36 BME 489Medical Informatics36
BME 401Technical Methods of Biomedical Diagnostics48  Elective (major)***36
BME 450Medical Electronics and Microprocessor Technology48  Elective (major)***36
Elective (major)***36     
 Credit1734  Credit1224
Total Credits for Graduation128256
 * Humanity Courses List:    ***Major Electives List:KUECTSSemestr
PHIL 130Culture of Philosophy   BME 443Physics for Medicine and Biology36VI
 Foreign Language   BME233Cellular and Molecular Biology36VI
     BME 320Biomedical Signals and Systems36VII
 ** Social Sciences   BME 482Biosensors36VII
MGT310Management and Organization   BME 442Therapeutic Medical Devices36VIII
LAW 220Family Law   BME 444Systems Physiology and Physiological Modeling36VIII
ECON 101Introduction to Economics   BME 420Microprocessors in Medical Instrumentation36VIII
     BME 493Neural Engineering36VIII
 Science and Technology        
MATH 101Calculus 1        
CMS 202Computer Application in Engineering        
ENV 305HS&E        
      University Requirement English1122 
      University Requirement Azeri816 
      Social Sciences612 
      Science and Technology918 
      Major Courses88176 
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