Xəbər və Elanlar

Past Events

November 16, Students Visit Christian Places of Worship

On November 16, as organized by the Department of Eastern Languages and Religious Studies, a trip was organized to Christian places of worship as part of religious tolerance event entitled "Harmony of Diversity." Under the leadership of Dr. Elnura Azizova, Head of the Department, university students participated in the eucharist (bread and wine) ceremony at Myrrh Bearers Orthodox Church. Then Father Constantine, press secretary of Baku and Caspian Eparchy, gave information to the students about the place of orthodoxy among other branches of Christianity as well as the history and activity of Myrrh Bearers Church. Then students took part in a religious Sunday ceremony at the Holy Virgin Mary Catholic Church and listened to the pastor’s discussion of the history of Catholicism, relations between the Catholic and other Christian denominations, and activities of the Catholic Church.

Photos were taken at the end of the event, which helped instill in students the concept of tolerance toward different faiths.



November 1, Students Visit Jewish Places of Worship

On November 1, as organized by the Department of Eastern Languages and Religious Studies, within the framework of a series of  "Harmony of Diversity " events to develop religious tolerance, Khazar Students visited Jewish places of worship. At first, students watched the weekly Sabbath ritual in an Ashkenazi Jewish synagogue. After the ritual, students listened to a lecture by rabbi Segal Shneor, Chairman of the Ashkenazi Jewish community, about the faith, worship, and traditions of Judaism. Then students’ questions were answered.

Then students visited the synagogue of the Mountain Jews, where they met Milikh Yevdayev, chairman of the community, and were informed about the history of the Jewish community and relations with members of other religions.

Dr. Elnura Azizova, Head of the Department, gave them information about the importance of the role of universities in spreading multiculturalism and developing religious, ethnic and cultural tolerance among young people. She also spoke about activities regularly carried out in this field by Khazar University.



October 23-25, Instructor Participates in International Symposium in Turkey

On October 23-25, Dr. Zivar Huseynli, instructor of the Department of Eastern Languages and Religious Studies, participated in an international symposium held in Zonguldak, Turkey.

60 researchers and historians from 11 different countries participated in the symposium, entitled “1st International Symposium on Historical Consciousness and Historiography among Turks," which was organized by Bulent Ecevit University, the Black Sea Strategic Investigation Center (KARSAM) and the Turkish Historical Society. Ziver Huseynli made a presentation on "Approaches to Turkish history among Turkish historians who wrote in Persian in the 16-17 centuries" at the symposium. 


October 16, Seminar on Academic and Cultural Relations Between Egypt and Azerbaijan Held at Khazar University

On October 16, as jointly organized by the Eastern Languages and Religious Studies Department of Khazar University and the Egyptian Cultural Center, a seminar on "Egypt-Azerbaijan relations: from the perspective of language, literature and culture"  was held at the university. Dr. Elnura Azizova, Head of the Department, opened the event by speaking about the importance of the Arabic language on global and local levels.

Ahmad Sami, Director of the Egyptian Cultural Center, spoke about academic and cultural relations between Azerbaijan and Egypt. Professor Tariq Chalabi, Head of the Department of Arabic Language and Literature of  Ain Shams University in Egypt, expressed his opinion about Azerbaijan-Egypt literary and linguistic relations, and Dr. Islam Sharkavi, Head of the Arabic Language Department of the same university, shared ideas about new methods for non-Arabs to learn Arabic.

After the lectures, discussions were held on subject with the participation of Dr. Tarana Akbarova and Kamil Sherifov, Arabic language instructors of Khazar University. A question and answer session was held with students who are learning Arabic.


October 3, Seminar on Feast of Sacrifice

On October 3, as jointly organized by the Eastern Languages and Religious Studies Department and the Department of Philosophy at Khazar University,  a seminar was held on the Feast of Sacrifice. Head of the Department of Eastern Languages and Religious Studies, Dr. Elnura Azizova, spoke  on the "The concept of a holiday in Islamic culture and social aspects of holidays." She also spoke about the social significance of holidays in Islam as a unifying element.

Professor Mehmet Azimli, Head of the Department of Islamic History and Arts at the School of Theology of Hittite University, made a presentation on "The concept of sacrifice in Islam" and gave information about the role of sacrifice in the belief system of Islam, the public understanding of sacrifice, and its characteristics as a type of worship.

Dr. Mail Yagubov, Head of Khazar University’s Department of Philosophy, made a presentation on "The concept of sacrifice in Islam and Christian scholasticism." He explained that Abraham's story is about surrender from a philosophical point of view. In the end,  students’ questions related to the topic were answered and discussions were held.



September 8-12, Head of Department Participates at Tempus Project Training on “Writing Guidelines"

On September 8-12, within the framework “The Establishment of a Foundation for the Integration of Disabled People into HEIs of Azerbaijan” - (ESFIDIP) project, a training on "Writing guidelines" was held at University of Macedonia (Thessaloniki / Greece) one of the European partners of the project.  Dr.  Elnura Azizova, Head of the Eastern Languages and Religious Studies Department of Khazar University, also participated in the training.

The training covered information related to disability issues in European and Greek legislation, identifying and analyzing the needs of students with disabilities, and rules relating to the accessibility of higher education institutions. The training participants had the opportunity to see the facilities, equipment, and library resources for use by students with disabilities at the University of Macedonia. 



12 May 2014

"Korean Cuisine Day" at Khazar University

 On May 12, as organized by the Department of Eastern Languages of Khazar University, the Korea center and the Korean Embassy to Azerbaijan, “Korean Cuisine Day " was held. This event was part of the "Eastern hospitality" series of cultural events. At the opening of the event, head of the department, Dr. Elnura Azizova, gave information about Korean language education at Khazar University as well as events related to the promotion of Korean culture.

Khazar University’s founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors and Trustees, Professor Hamlet Isaxanli, talked about interest in different cultures, in the category of Eastern cultures at Khazar University, especially Korean culture, and emphasized the role of Korean cuisine in learning Korean culture.

Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Azerbaijan, Choi Suk-inn, made a presentation stressing the importance of cooperation between Khazar University and the Korean Embassy and praised the achievements of the university students in this area.

Students made ​​presentations reflecting different areas of Korean culture. They also performed a Korean dance. Accompanied by Korean Language Teacher Younhong Lee on guitar, students sang a Korean song. At the end of the event, 13 different dishes representing Korean cuisine were presented to the participants.

 Event Photos: http://old.khazar.org/news/2014/Korean-Cuisine-Day-at-Khazar-University_6111.html


08 May 2014

"Judaism: Beliefs and Worldview"

 On May 8, as organized by the Department of Eastern Languages ​​and Religious Studies of Khazar University, an event entitled  "Judaism: beliefs and worldview" was held as part of the "experience of living together" series.

Opening the event, Head of the Department Dr. Elnura Azizova noted that various programs to promote and study of world religions have been implemented at  Khazar University in order to recognize and understand diversity. Then, students of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences gave information about the structure of Judaism, faith, worship, morality, and the public. Chairman of the Ashkenazi Jewish community in Azerbaijan, Ravvin Shneor, spoke about the history of Judaism and the Jewish community to the students, and answered students’ questions related to Judaism.

 Event Photos: http://old.khazar.org/news/2014/Judaism:-Beliefs-and-Worldview_6107.html

 01 May 2014

"Christianity: Belief and Worldview" Event

On May 1, as organized by the Khazar University Department of Eastern Languages and Religious Studies, an event in the "Experience of Living Together" series entitled "Christianity: belief and worldview" was held.

At the opening of the event, Dr. Elnura Azizova, head of the department, said that Azerbaijan is a region where Christians and members of other religions have lived together throughout history, and this important tradition continues here.

Then, students of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences made presentations about the establishment, dissemination, faith, worship and moral system of Christianity and its current state. Robert Mobili, Albanian-Udi community leader, presented a slide show about the history and current state of the Albanian-Udi Church, which is the oldest representative of Christianity. At the end of the event, students’ questions about Christianity and the Albanian-Udi church were answered.

 Event Photos: http://old.khazar.org/news/2014/Christianity:-Belief-and-Worldview-Event_6083.html


24 April 2014

Event on "Confucius and Chinese Culture"

International events are held all over the world on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Confucius Institutes, which promote Chinese language and culture in the world.

On April 24, in this regard, an event on "Confucius and Chinese Culture" was held at the university with the organization of the Department of Eastern Languages and Religious Studies of Khazar University.

At the opening ceremony, Dr. Elnura Azizova, Head of the Department, talked about the importance given to the teaching of Chinese language and culture at Khazar University and highlighted the role of the activities of the Confucius Institute operating in this field at the university.

Then the students of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences gave a presentation on the great Chinese philosopher Confucius's life, philosophy, and his role in promoting Chinese culture. Director of the Confucius Institute at Khazar University, Ms. Fen-xua, spoke about the activities and future plans of the Confucius Institute. 

Students of the School of Economics studying the Chinese language sang songs in Chinese, and their performance warmly applauded.

The event was brought to a close with a traditional Chinese tea served by the Confucius Institute.


31 March 2014

Seminar on "Human Rights, Freedom of Religion and Islam"

 On March 31, as organized by the Department of Eastern Languages ​​and Religious Studies, a seminar on "Human rights, freedom of religion and Islam" was held at Khazar University. Dr.  Elnura Azizova, head of the department, opened the event, stating that the issue of human rights and religious freedom has been discussed in a variety of different domains in the context of Islam in recent years and is becoming increasingly more important.  

Then Elnura Azizova reported on "Analysis of the concept of freedom of religion in Islamic human rights declarations,” Dr. Ali Bulut (Suleyman Demirel University, Turkey) reported on "Overview of the Qur'an in the context of human rights,” Dr. Elmin Aliyev (Khazar University) reported on "Freedom of thought in Islam in the context of science and philosophy," and  theologian Salih Kazımov (BSU) reported on "The attitude of Islam toward the members of other religions.” After the lectures, reports were discussed with the participation of employees of the university  Dr. Mayıl Yagubov, Jabir Mammadov, Dr. Zivar Huseynova, and students. 

 Event Photos: http://old.khazar.org/e5989/Seminar-on-Human-Rights-Freedom-of-Religion-and-Islam-to-be-Held/en


27 March 2014

Seminar on "Qur'an al-Karim: a Source of Faith and Culture"

On March 27, as organized by the Department of Eastern Languages ​​and Religious Studies, a seminar on "Qur'an al-Karim  as a source of faith and culture" was held. At the opening of the ceremony, the head of the department, Elnura Azizova, spoke about the role of Qur'an al-Karim through 14 centuries of Muslim identity formation, as well as its importance for the customs, traditions, and cultural heritage of Azerbaijani people.

The speaker of the seminar, instructor of School of Theology of Suleyman Demirel University (Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Theology at the University at present), Dr. Ali Bulut, talked about features of Qur'an al-Karim as the holy book of Islam and as a source of Islamic culture. After giving information about the history of literature of the Arabs on the basis of the establishment of Islam, he talked about the writing process of the Quran, which remained unchanged throughout 14 centuries.  At the end of the report he answered students' questions about the position of members of other religions, male-female equality, peace-military relations, the relationship between faith/worship and morality according to the Qur'an, and many other interesting topics.

 Event Photos: http://old.khazar.org/news/2014/Seminar-on-Quran-al-Karim:-a-Source-of-Faith-and-Culture_5984.html


18 March 2014

Cultural  Event on “Last Tuesday Traditions in Azerbaijan and Iran”

On March 18, as organized by the Department of Eastern Languages ??and Religious Studies, an event on “Last Tuesday traditions in Azerbaijan and Iran” was held. At the opening ceremony, Elnura Azizova,  Head of the Department, noted that  over the centuries Azerbaijan and Iran have hared a common heritage, part of which is celebrating Last Tuesday before the Novruz holiday. Then Zivar Huseynli, Persian language instructor, spoke about the importance of Last Tuesday in Azerbaijan and Iranian culture. Students majoring in Persian recited poems about Last Tuesday in Azerbaijani and Persian and gave information about Iranian traditions related to Last Tuesda

The holiday mood of the participants was heightened by participating in one interesting tradition of Last Tuesday: girls’ fortune telling using water. At the end of the event, participants  joined in the game  "Hakhishta" and shared holiday joy around a colorful feast. 

 Event Photos: http://old.khazar.org/news/2014/Cultural-Event-on-Last-Tuesday-Traditions-in-Azerbaijan-and-Iran_5977.html


15 February 2014

Legal Education Center conducts weekly training courses on Human Rights

 On February 15, weekly training courses were held at Khazar University Legal Education Center, established with the support of Azerbaijan Lawyers Confederation and the US Agency for International Development (USAID) within the “Azerbaijan Rights Consortium” project. The center provides training courses on Human Rights to law students and prepares young lawyers who wish to participate in Bar Admission Exams. 

The participants of the training are students from Khazar University, Baku State University, National Aviation Academy and the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan. During the training, Elnura Azizova, Head of Department of Eastern Languages and Religious Studies at Khazar University, delivered a lecture on “Freedom of religion and belief in the human rights context.”

 Event Photos: http://old.khazar.org/news/2014/Legal-Education-Center-conducts-weekly-training-courses-on-Human-Rights_5902.html


 8 February 2014 

Second IB form on “Create and Educate” Held at Dunya School 

 On February 8, Khazar University’s Dunya School held a second IB Forum. Various schools of Baku and Sumgait attended the event. The purpose of the forum was to discuss the current state and the future of education.  Khazar University’s founder and chairman of the Board of Directors and Trustees, Professor Hamlet Isaxanli, spoke about the importance of international education and noted that Dunya School holds a special place among educational institutions.

Teachers and students made presentations in breakout sessions, including Gulshan Samedova and Nigar Jahangirova of "XXI Century" Education Center along with their student Konul Bayramova; Alekber Alekberov,  teacher of  Baku British School; Ramila Azizova and  Amina Ibrahimova, teachers of  Dunya School; and the following students of Dunya School IB 1 and IB 2: Anar Ismailov, Vugar Cavadov, Tukez Akhmedova, Farida Farajova, Togrul Mammadov, Rustam Hasanov, Esmiralda Shirinova, Sima Jabbarova, Aidan Nasibova  and Fatima Khalilov. The forum was successfully completed.  

Rena Hasanova,

Dunya School IB coordinator

 Event Photos: http://old.khazar.org/news/2014/Second-IB-form-on-Create-and-Educate-Held-at-Dunya-School_5892.html


 20 December 2013

Event Entitled "Shebi Yelda – Chile Night” was Held 

 On December 20, with the joint organization of the Department of Eastern Languages ​​and Religious Studies and the Center for Iranian Studies, an event entitled "Shebi Yelda - Chile Night" was held. This event is part of the "Iranian Culture Days" series. Along with the staff and students of the university, Iranian Cultural Center staff and other guests attended the meeting.

The event was opened by the Head of the Department, Elnura Azizova. She emphasized that this night, symbolizing the end of the longest night of winter and known as "Shebi Yelda" in the Iranian culture, is marked as "Chile Night” in various regions of Azerbaijan and it is common between the two cultures. She noted the special role of Persian language instructors Zivar Huseynova, Nahid Shefiyev and Rustam Lazimov in the organization of the event. University students who are learning Persian language have a great interest in organizing various cultural programs related to the field.

Then students made presentations covering Shebi Yelda – Chile Night’s history, its essence, forms of its celebration in different regions of Iran and Azerbaijan, and similarities and differences in its customs. Then they recited poems in Persian relating to Shebi Yelda.

Persian language and literature instructor of the university, Dr. Rustam Lazimov, gave information about the importance of Shebi Yelda in the ancient Zoroastrian beliefs and noted the role of this holiday in symbolizing the advantage of heat over cold and light over darkness. After giving a brief overview of the "Hafiz horoscope," which constitutes an important part of Shebi Yelda celebrations and is known as an interpretation of someone’s intent, Head of the Iranian Cultural Center Ibrahim Nuri read a couplet from the Divan of Hafiz. Then the couplet was interpreted by Rustam Lazimov. After the positive interpretation of the couplet, the participants were in high spirits and were invited to the second part of the event, the Shebi Yelda tea party prepared with Iranian and Azerbaijani sweets. The event emphasized the similarities and proximity between neighboring cultures and created a spring-like mood for the participants with its inclusion of watermelon, characteristic of the Shebi Yelda table, and other colorful dishes.

 Event Photos: http://old.khazar.org/news/2013/Event-Entitled-Shebi-Yelda--Chile-Night-was-Held_5637.html


19 December 2013

Routine meeting of the “Belief Rainbow” series of Programs on Tolerance 

On December 19, as organized by the Department of Eastern Languages ​​and Religious Studies, a program entitled "Moral values of the Far East: Hinduism, Buddhism and Confucianism" was held. This program was a part of the “Belief Rainbow” series of programs on tolerance. Opening the program, Head of the Department, Elnura Azizova,noted that this is the last program in the series of programs on tolerance for the first semester of the 2013-2014 academic year. She noted that the main purpose of the event is to inform students about the moral values ​​of the Far East, which has great importance in world religions. 

Then, with a presentation by students, comprehensive information was given about three ancient religious and spiritual traditions of the East. Within the program, information about the emergence of the history of the formation process, the basic beliefs and worship, temples, special days and community structure of Hinduism, Buddhism and Confucianism was given, very interesting video films related to the topic were presented, and students' questions were answered.

 Event Photos: http://old.khazar.org/news/2013/Routine-meeting-of-the-Belief-Rainbow-series-of-Programs-on-Tolerance_5650.html


16 December 2013

Dialogue on the Abrahamic Religions 

On December 16, with the organization of the Eastern Languages ​​and Religious Studies Department, a cultural event entitled "Dialogue on Abrahamic Religions" was held.This event was a part of the “Belief Rainbow” series of cultural events. Official representatives of the Jewish and Christian communities registered in Azerbaijan, university employees and students participated in the event.

Head of the Department, Elnura Azizova, opened the event and noted that the value of tolerance is growing in importance every day in our global world. In connection to this, it is vitally important for the young generation to gain experience in recognizing and understanding differences as well as living together with them. She noted that Azerbaijan has a long history of religious diversity including Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and these religions have been existing together for centuries. Currently, important work is also being successfully carried out in both the state and the civilian arenas here.

Then the students made many interesting presentations on the stages of religious formation and propagation, faith, worship and traditions, community structure, auspicious days and temples of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Representative of the Baku Religious Community of European Jews, Rabbi Sneor Sigal,  reported on the history and current status of the Jewish community in Azerbaijan. He said that Azerbaijan is a unique place, demonstrating the practice of religious tolerance which some countries in the East as well as in the West have not been able to do. Rabbi Sneor Sigal said that the main reason for this is that Azerbaijani people remain faithful to the principles of hospitality and humanity, regardless of their historical experience.

The press secretary of the Baku and Azerbaijan  Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church, priest Konstantin Pominov, noted that this event held at Khazar University assumed great importance for strengthening trends of tolerance among youth. He noted that in order to avoid unpleasant religious intolerance and violence, the leaders of the religious community in the country have always showed sensitivity and attempted to solve problems.

Assistant Vice President of the community Mountain Jews in Baku, Rafiq Mikhayilov, stated that a large concentration of Jews have lived in the Red settlement of Guba district for over two centuries, continuing to maintain their attitude of peace and brotherhood to a high degree with the local Muslim people, and there are very few examples of this in the world. After the guests’ reports related to the importance of religious tolerance and its state in Azerbaijan, photos were taken.

 Event Photos: http://old.khazar.org/news/2013/Dialogue-on-the-Abrahamic-Religions_5630.html


15 December 2013

"Tolerance Visits: Temple and Community in the Abrahamic Religions” within the “Belief Rainbow” series of programs on Tolerance 

On December 8- 15, as organized by the Department of Eastern Languages ​​and Religious Studies of Khazar University, a program entitled “Tolerance Visits: Temple and Community in the Abrahamic Religions” was held. This program was a part of the “Belief Rainbow” series of programs on Tolerance. Within the program, the students visited temples of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

 Under the leadership of the Head of the Department, Elnura Azizova, university students participated in a Sunday liturgical service held in St. Mary's Catholic Church on 8 December.

Expressing his gratitude to the students for their interest in religions, a church worker gave them information about the position of Catholicism in relation to other branches of Christianity, the formation of this branch in Azerbaijan, and its role in modern times. He also answered students' questions associated with faith, worship, morals and the outlook of Catholicism, which is considered the oldest branch of Christianity.

On December 14, the students participated in a Sabbath ritual at the Synagogue of The European Jews.  At the end of the ceremony students were informed about branches of Judaism, their faith, worship, holy days, and so on.

On December 15, the students watched the morning worship in the synagogue of the community of Mountain Jews. After praying, the students were informed about the history and belief system of Mountain Jews in Azerbaijan, which is one of the oldest Jewish communities in the country. Then the students participated in a Sunday ceremony at the Russian Orthodox Church. After the ceremony, Pastor Konstantin Pominov answered students’ questions about the importance of the ceremony and religious attributes in the church.

On the same day, the students visited the Martyrs’ Mosque. There, detailed information about the historical periods of Islam in Azerbaijan, beliefs, worship and moral values of Islam were given to the students.

The students completed the program with a strong impression of the importance of tolerance and religious endurance  in the global world, having become familiar with the concept of sacred space and community of members of Abrahamic religions in Azerbaijan and having directly participated in the experience of co-existence.

 Event Photos: http://old.khazar.org/news/2013/Tolerance-Visits:-Temple-and-Community-in-the-Abrahamic-Religions-within-the-Belief-Rainbow-series-of-programs-on-Tolerance_5651.html


13 December 2013

Event Entitled "Fine Arts and Azerbaijani Masters in Islamic Culture" was Held 

On December 13, 2013, as organized by the Department of Eastern Languages ​​and Religious Studies of Khazar University, a cultural event entitled "Fine Arts and Azerbaijan masters in Islamic Culture" was held. Head of the Department, Elnura Azizova, opened the event and noted that subjects which are taught on the history of Islamic culture and thought at Khazar University have created great interest among students, and this event was organized in order to nurture this interest. Then the students made many interesting and colorful presentations related to artistic spheres such as illumination, line, miniatures, and marbling in Islamic art, their historical development, and their different types.

The second part of the event was a show dedicated to the works of the masters in different fields of Islamic art. In this section, interesting compositions were displayed, such as the famous calligrapher Gulkhan Beydemi’s works combining classic handwriting styles with modern calligraphy, and interesting art works of Vusal Garagashly and Zaur Orucov, who learned the arts of illumination and marbling at Turkey's Mimar Sinan University. 
The development of marbling which was shown by Ebru masters was very interesting for students. At the end of the event, photos were taken of the university staff, students and guest artists.

 Event Photos: http://old.khazar.org/news/2013/Event-Entitled-Fine-Arts-and-Azerbaijani-Masters-in-Islamic-Culture-was-Held_5625.html


6 December 2013

Iranian Cuisine Day 

On December 6th, with the joint organization of the Department of Eastern Languages ​​and Religious Studies and the Center for Iranian Studies, “Iranian Cuisine Day” was  held at Khazar University. This event is part of the "Eastern hospitality" series of cultural events. The event was opened by head of Department Elnura Azizova, whonoted that there is a long history of teaching Persian language and literature and research in this field at the university, and as a result of this, students participate in various competitions and programs and have had major achievements. The department has also organized events in various areas related to Iranian culture.

Khazar University’s founder and chairman of the Board of Directors and Trustees, Professor Hamlet Isaxanli, noted that the cultures of the Azerbaijani and Iranian peoples have a large number of common values in various fields, including culinary culture, and there is great importance in the investigation and study of various aspects of Iranian culture for students who are learning the Persian language .

The Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Azerbaijan, Pak Ayin, noted that this event is not only promoting the ancient culture of Iranian cuisine, but that it will alsoplay an important role in the development of cultural and friendly relations between the Azerbaijani and Iranian peoples and states.

Different types of traditional Iranian dishes were presented to the staff and students of the university, as well as guests.

 Event Photos:  http://old.khazar.org/news/2013/Iranian-Cuisine-Day_5607.html


29 November 2013

Event on "Azerbaijan Translation of Shahnameh" 

On November 29, a seminar on “Azerbaijan Translation of Abulgasim Ferdovsi’s Shahnameh Work" was held at Khazar University. This seminar is part of the series of "Pearls of Eastern Literature" which is jointly organized by the Department of Eastern Languages ??and Religious Studies and the Center for Iranian Studies. The event was opened by the head of the department, Elnura Azizova, and gave information about lecturers and the importance of the"Shahnameh" to the world's literary heritage. Doctor of Philosophy Rustam Lazimov talked about stages in the development of Persian literature  and the role of "Shahnameh" in the history of Persian literature. Doctor of Philosophy Nushaba Alizadeh gave interesting information about  the translation process of "Shahnameh" into Azerbaijani and the full publication of the work. At the end of the event, students’ and university employees’ questions about the content, value, influence, and translation of the "Shahnameh" were answered. 

Event Photos:  http://old.khazar.org/news/2013/Sahnamenin-azerbaycanca-tercumesine-dair-tedbir_5585.html

16 November 2013

Symposium on "Maraş in the Republican Period” 

On November 15-16, an international symposium on  "Maraş in the  Republican period” was held in Kahramanmaraş in Turkey. 

Khazar University was represented by instructor of the History and Archaeology Department, Doctor in History, Associate Professor David Musalı, and instructor of the Department of Eastern Languages, Doctor in Philology, Ziver Huseynli. The conference was organized by the municipality of Kahramanmaraş.

17 April 2013

Branch of the Confucius Institute opened at Khazar University 

On April 17, 2013 at 11:00, with the participation of Hong Tsuyin, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of People's Republic of China to Azerbaijan, the opening ceremony of the branch of BSU Confucius Institute at Khazar University. In connection to this, "Chinese Culture Day" was also held in Khazar University. The event, which was coordinated in cooperation with the Eastern Languages ​​and Religious Studies Department of Khazar University and the Confucius Institute, was opened with a speech by the founder of Khazar University and chairman of its Board of Directors and Trustees, Professor Hamlet Isaxanli. H. Isaxanli talked about China's role in world culture, how it has become one of the leading forces in the global economy in recent years, relations between China and Azerbaijan, its history and significance, and Chinese language and culture in the globalized world. He stressed that Confucius Institutes have great importance in introducing Chinese culture to the world and establishing cultural, economic and scientific relations between China and other countries. He wished success to the affiliate Branch of BSU Confucius Institute at Khazar University in this area.

Ambassador of the People's Republic of China to Azerbaijan, Hong Tsuyin, stressed the importance of the interest in Chinese language and culture and noted this has a big positive impact on multi-faceted cooperation between the two countries.  After the speeches of Oktay Calilbeyli and Hu Fanxua, Directors of the Confucius Institute of Baku State University, a bilateral agreement was signed between Khazar University and the Confucius Institute.

Then the guests became acquainted with examples from different attributes of Chinese culture through a calligraphy, fine arts and crafts exhibition, watched a Chinese national dance performed by the dance group consisting of students from Khazar University, and listened to Chinese national songs to the accompaniment of guitar, performed by students.

 The second part of the event was held at the Center which has been established for the Khazar  Branch of BSU Confucius Institute. Professor Hamlet Isakhanli and Ambassador Hong Tsuyin cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony of the Center and listened to part of a course taught in Chinese by Confucius Institute teaching staff.  At the end of the event, photos were taken.

Event Photos: http://old.khazar.org/news/2013/Branch-of-the-Confucius-Institute-opened-at-Khazar-University_5237.html

5 April 2013

Khazar University Faculty Members at International Symposium 

On April 5, the International Shah Khatai - Sultan Selim Symposium was organized at the Excelsior hotel by ATEV (Azerbaijan - Turkish House).  The purpose of the symposium was to discuss one of the controversial moments of the history of the Turkish, Safavid - Ottoman conflict with the participation of Azerbaijani and Turkish scholars and to come a consensus about it.

Instructor of the Department of History and Archaeology of Khazar University, Doctor in History David Musali, reported on "The Personality of Shah Ismail Khatai" at the first session of the symposium. He evaluated Shah Ismail's role in the history of Azerbaijan and the Turkic world, using original sources to discuss aspects of his multi-faceted personality which combined qualities such as statesman, military leader, athlete, poet and spiritual leader. Another employee of the university, Doctor in Philology Ziver Huseynova, reported on "The Role of Shah Ismail Khatai in the Development of Azerbaijani Literary Language and literature" in the symposium.

9 February 2013

Chinese New Year Celebration 

On February 9th, a concert in honor of Chinese New Year was held in Khazar University’s “World” Concert Hall at the initiative of the Confucius Institute of the People’s Republic of China in Azerbaijan. The concert was opened by the Vice President of Baku State University, Professor Adil Kazimzadeh, who spoke about the activities of the Confucius Institute.  Then the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Azerbaijan, Hong Jiuyin, made a speech about successes achieved in the country during 2012. The founder of Khazar University and chairman of its Board of Directors and Trustees, Professor Hamlet Isaxanli, and Professor Lala Ahmadova of the State Administration Academy of the President of the Azerbaijan Republic made speeches about the role of education in strengthening Azerbaijan/China relations.

After the formal part of the ceremony, the concert began. Students of the BSU Confucius Institute made performances including songs and poetry. They wore Chinese national clothing. Then students of Khazar University and Western University also demonstrated their talents.

A video clip of the concert may be viewed at this link: http://kanal13.tv/?direct=news&id=2145

Event Photos: http://old.khazar.org/news/2013/Chinese-New-Year-Celebration_5103.html

24 December 2012

“Let’s learn world religions for a better world” Event Series 

On December 17-24, as organized by the Department of Eastern Languages ​​and Religious Studies of Khazar University, 4 presentations of a series of programs called “Let’s learn world religions for a better world” were held. University staff, faculty and students, as well as representatives of religious communities registered in the Azerbaijan Republic and other guests participated in the meeting.

Department of Eastern Languages ​​and Religious Studies, Dr. Elnura Azizova, gave information about the program goals and objectives at the first presentation on "From religion to culture: Judaism " which was held on December 17 during this program. She noted that the main objective of the program was informing students about the great world religions and developing their tolerance for religious and cultural differences. Then participants become familiar with the materials enriched with visual aids related to the history of Judaism, belief systems, the rules of worship, moral and philosophical views, main trends, social structures, holidays and festivals, and traditions. Member of Baku Jewish community, Senor Rabbi Segal, gave information about national and religious holidays and special days of  Judaism. Another guest at the event, Chairman of the Mountain Jews community, Milih Yevdayev, spoke about settling in Azerbaijan, history and the modern situation of the Mountain Jews. The presentation was not only limited to theoretical information; the various attributes associated with the religion and culture of the Jews were also demonstrated. Participants listened to music in Hebrew performed by students of the university and tried some of food representing Jewish cuisine.

On December 19, at the second presentation entitled "From religion to culture: Christianity,” participants got information about the history of  Christianity, the system of belief/ worship, the main moral and philosophical views, the social structure, traditions and festivals, which was accompanied by visual aids. The participants’ questions related to the topic were answered.

At the third presentation entitled "From religion to culture: Hinduism" within the program, which was held on December 21, participants were enlightened about the history and development of the process, sacred texts, basic beliefs and worships, ethics, and most important categories of thinking of Hinduism, which is considered one of the world's oldest religions.

Member of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, Ramil Aliyev, made a presentation about topic and answered questions. With the students' performance with Indian clothes, singing songs to the accompaniment of Indian musical instruments, following the presentation of the offering some meals and sweets of Indian cuisine, the program truly ended in an "Indian culture day" mood.

On December 24, the last event of the program, "From religion to culture: Buddhism," was presented. Theoretical information and visual aids about the creation and dissemination process of Buddhism, the main ideas of belief and worship, the main moral and philosophical views, specific aspects of the system of Buddhist thought, traditions, and special days and festivals was given at the presentation. After the presentation, participants’ questions related to the topic were answered. At the end of the event, E. Azizova noted that new events related to other religions and trends were planned by the department in the near future.

Event Photos: http://old.khazar.org/news/2012/-Lets-learn-world-religions-for-a-better-world-Event-Series_5044.html

17 October 2012 

Opening of Korea Center was held at Khazar University 

On October 17, 2012, the opening of the Korea Center and an exhibition dedicated to "Korean Alphabet Day" was held at Khazar  University.   Along with Khazar Employees, representatives of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea, representatives of the Korean community, and Korean businessmen participated in the event.

The opening of the Korean Center, founded at the university with the joint support of Khazar University and the Embassy of the Republic of Korea, started with the opening speeches of the founder of Khazar University and chairman of its Board of Directors and Trustees, Professor Hamlet Isaxanli, and Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Korean Republic to the Republic of Azerbaijan, Mr. Cho Suk-Inn.  Professor Hamlet Isaxanli mentioned in his opening speech that the Korean language has a special place among "The languages assuming strategic importance" which is have great importance in their study at Khazar University, and noted that in the future, along with the Korean language, the center will assume a great importance in the study of the history, literature and culture of this country. Then, as the organizer of the event, Head of Department of Eastern Languages and Religious Studies Elnura Azizova reported on "Korean language and culture at “Khazar.”

Despite the fact that the Korean language has been taught in the department for two years, a series of events entitled "Korean Culture Days" has been planned for the current academic year,  and the "Korean alphabet day" exhibition is a first step in this direction. The founder of teaching Korean language at Khazar University, Younhong Lee, noted that in the fall of 2011 when he began teaching the subject, he didn’t expect that students and the university would show such a great interest in it and carry it forward to such levels.

Then the university students offered the participants pleasant surprises by showing examples of Korean poetry and music. After the opening of the Korean Center, participants were invited to  the exhibition dedicated to the "Korean Alphabet Day". The exhibition, which demonstrated  national clothes, musical instruments, and handicrafts  belonging to Korean people and culture, were very interesting to the participants. Each of the two amazing events were met with the satisfaction of the participants.

In the near future, the Department of Eastern Languages and Religious Studies  will organize a "Korean cuisine" event as a continuation of the "Korean Culture Days" series.

Event Photos: http://old.khazar.org/news/2012/Opening-of-Korea-Center-was-held-at-Khazar-University_916.html

6 December 2012 

Our Employee Attends International Symposium 

On October 4-6, in the international scientific symposium "Marash during the Ottoman period" held by the municipality of Kahramanmaraş, in the city of Kahramanmaraş, Turkey, Persian language instructor of Khazar University, PhD Ziver Huseynli, reported on "Two historical works from Marash writers belonging to the Safavid period."

History instructor at the Khazar University, Dr. Namiq Musali, and a senior scientific worker of ANAS, PhD Elmira Mammadova, also participated in the symposium, which was held in order to investigate the history and culture of Marash during the Ottoman period.

Event Photos: http://old.khazar.org/news/2012/article_942.html

28 September 2012 

Our Employees Participate in International Turkish Congress 

On September 24-28, the VII International Turkish Language Congress was organized in Ankara Bilkent Hotel and Conference Center by Turkish Language Institution.

Delegates from 25 countries attended the congress.  The Turkish Language Institution was created in 1932 with  the initiative and help of Atatürk. Within 80 years of its existence, it achieved great success.

On September  24,  the opening ceremony of the VII  International Turkish Language Congress, which is organized every four years on an international level by Turkish Language Institution, was held at Sakarya Hall. After playing the National Anthem at the opening ceremony, a film was shown in the congress. Then Head of the Turkish Language Society Mustafa Kaçalin, representative of Ataturk CultureLanguage and History Organization, Nazif Öztürk, assistant Prime Minister, Bülend Arınc, and Chairman of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Cemil Çiçek made presentations. 

After the opening ceremony, the congress continued its work in committees, and 205 scientific lectures were read.

A group of Azerbaijani linguists, including instructors of Khazar University Elza Ismailova and Ziver Huseynova, participated in the congress. Eliza Ismayilova reported on Turkish-origin archaisms in the Koroghlu epos (Based on the Vali Khuluflu version), and Ziver Huseynova reported on "Social terms which passed from Turkish to the Persian language during the Safavid period.”

 On September 27, the congress finished with a closing and evaluation ceremony. A concert program consisting of Turkish folk songs was also given in the ceremony.

On September 28, congress members traveled to the Urgup-Goreme region.

Event Photos: http://old.khazar.org/news/2012/Our-Employees-Participate-in-International-Turkish-Congress_960.html

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