Circulation Policy


There are a number of mechanisms for access provided for those who would like to use materials from the Library and Information Center, which are outlined below. There are also policies to these facilities.

The library collections are available to all individuals for use on Readings Rooms and for borrowing from Circulation Desk.

Khazar University faculty, staff, and students are eligible to borrow materials from University Library collections.

Visitings may also be eligible for borrowing privileges through Readings Rooms.

Rules of Membership

Khazar University students, Full-time and Part-time Staff are automatically eligible for full membership in the LIC. To start using the reading rooms, collections, and services they must first register at the Circulation Desk.


  • Passport or personal ID
  • Student ID
  • 1 copy of image

The Internal membership expires at the end of the academic year.

Every new academic year LIC conducts membership renewal. Registration is free of charge.

External users are welcome to become members of the LIC. Their membership expires at the end of academic year and has to be renewed.

Loan Periods

Loan periods and number of items to be borrowed differ for Faculty Members, Students and Staff. 

Single-copy fiction-title can be borrowed at the discretion of the LIC senior staff members, but for a period of 7 days only. A user can borrow not more 3-fiction titles at once.

Faculty members 

Faculty members may loan up to 15 items total for the following loan period: One academic semester: Course textbooks and manuals

30 days: other resources (excluding non-circulated) for followed by a renewal except the cases the title is reserved by another user.

Part –time faculty members have to bring recommendation letter from appropriate department to the circulation desk


Students may loan to

  • 7 items total for graduate students
  • 10 items for undergraduate students
  • For the following loan period

One academic semester: course textbooks and manuals for under the condition of sufficient copies, except the cases when the title is reserved by another user.

30 days: other resources (excluding non-circulated) for followed by a renewal except the cases the title is reserved by another user. :

Staff members 

Staff members may loan up to 5 items for the regular period of 15 days under the condition of sufficient copies availability and excluding non-circulated items.

Non-Circulated Items

The following types of resources are non-circulated and can not be checked out:

  • Reserved titles, required readings and current course materials
  • Single-copy titles
  • Last copy of title
  • Reference title
  • Periodicals and loose-leaf-publications
  • Original and non-printed materials, such as CD-ROMs, videos, audio-tapes, etc.

Circulation desk staff can explain specific renewal policies.

Library Notices

Circulation Services sends notices to patrons alerting them of overdue books. The notice will be sent to local address you have provided the University. All borrowers may now elect to have library notices sent to an email address. Users can register for this service at any circulation desk.

Overdue notices are sent for books that you have borrowed and are now more than 28 days overdue. Faculty level borrowers may renew items by checking the titles and forwarding the notice to any library listed on the back of the notice.

Overdue Materials

LIC borrowing privileges will be suspended when individuals keep materials for 50 days or more beyond their due date. Privileges will be restored only after the items have been returned.

Lost or Damage Books and Fines

Lost and/or damaged books should be replaced with the same/similar titles or repaired. The replacement fee for any lost and/or damaged items is estimated at 3-10 times the original price, but is the subject of special decision.

Address Changed

It is each library user's responsibility to inform the LIC of changes in their local address.

The Library can only temporarily change addresses.

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